Market 227: Needy Spider Roller 09363

Update 6/24/10: Is $8601.50 a good deal for this car?  Not sure, but that’s what it sold for.  I’d like to see a little less rust for that money, but it is nearly complete.

Giulietta Spider 10103/4 09363, 00102*25390. This Spider is on eBay right now out of Illinois from a seller who seems to always have a few Giulietta bits on offer.  Condition is the usual straight clean car with some race history that was allowed to get rusty during a period of neglect.  Bidding is just shy of $5K as I write.

Nose is in good shape, hood fits well and the original paint was probably salvagable before rust was allowed to snack on this car.  I wonder what the ‘CP’ racing group is?

Maybe a racing deal to have the passenger side mirror mid-fender like in a Godzilla movie.  Car is actually pretty straight and the passenger door looks to fit pretty well.

Would be cool if this paint could be salvaged at least partially.  Trunk fit is awesome!

I’ve seen (and owned) a lot worse trunks than this.  Those two plates with nuts and bolts are probably either for the roll bar or seatbelts -maybe both.

This all provides a good starting place.  Seats are probably rusty in the pans.  Even a dash edging strip in this condition is hard to find.  Does anyone remake these?

Yikes!  I would have to see the area under the seats and in the cross brace to see how bad this gets.  Sometimes these rust out because the rubber drapes trap water against the metal.  Happened to my ex-Spiders trunk floor.

Engine is reported to run and has Veloce cams and oil pan.  Brake fluid reservoir is larger disk brake type.

And the vin for future reference.

While this car has a lot of strikes against it in the rust department, the fact that it is largly complete, runs and probably not far from providing someone a rolling restoration candidate means it will probably sell for decent money.

Very similar car.


2 thoughts on “Market 227: Needy Spider Roller 09363

  1. I think CP is a race class. C Production. The lettering looks the same as other cars I have seen with the CP class designation on the sides.

    Its a cool car, I wonder if it has any history behind it. Too bad about the rust.


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