Market 197: Bring a Trailer Exclusive Giulia 1600 Spider

Update 6/11/10: Is anyone surprised that this car had a hard time selling for $34,000, sold for a chunk less and now has turned up in Texas at DriveSource for $32,500?  I’m not.  I stand by my assertion that you have one (or if you are lucky two) chances to sell a car for a really good price and whether you wear the buying public out with multiple ebay auctions or stand by a slightly unrealistic price for a few months, you create a sense of undesireability or flaw -deserved or not, that makes potential buyers think something must be wrong with the car if it hasn’t sold.  DriverSource has put some effort into the car and it really looks great these days, and I can say -having seen this car in person on the Lap of Marin not long ago, that it is a nice car, so maybe this car will find a happy home soon.

This car has been polished to within an inch of its’ life.  Cool!  I still think the windshield wipers sit way too high on the glass. 

Original post 3/5/10: Giulia Spider 1600 10123*392337, 00112*15937.  As usual Bring a Trailer has the drop on a cool car and have brought it to market exclusive style, this time in the form of this very late Giulia Spider.  It’s located in the San Francisco Bay Area and looks to be a pretty nice example.  $34,000 must be spent to own it, -top of the private seller market,  which means it must be test driven and inspected in person -rather the opposite of a chore. 

Nice car in a nice setting.  These late Spiders are solid reliable and fun, so where better to drive it than among the vines.  Mirrors are a little more forward than usual.Evocative shot among the old-world storage buildings of a winery.  Trunk and door fit is perfect.  This car in red works for me.

Veloce intake set up is a nice addition to one of these normale Spiders.  This is above average for one of these cars -not much to improve if anything.  These engines in Veloce spec. are very potent once you get used to where they make power.

Stereo and speakers are unfortunate, but oh-well, it’s the product of a certain generation who couldn’t go ten minutes without blaring some Van Halen.  Pretty original and nice in here.  Look at how clean the gauges and steering wheel are.  You may see faded carpet, but I see original carpet.

You know you want it, so head over to BringaTrailer and make a play.  These are fantastically usable -even by modern traffic standards, drop-dead gorgeous cars that, even in non-Veloce specification, are fairly rare.  Would make a great stylish daily driver for fair weather.  Add a hard top (if you can find one) and drive it in the rain too.

2008 Spiders

2009 Spiders


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