Market 225: Silver Giulia Spider

Giulia Spider 10123*379425, 00112*14967. Cosmopolitan Motors out of Seattle sold this car on eBay (5/24/10) for $16,850 Buy it Now, about right considering the condition.

Nose ridge is a little more pronounced than usual maybe?  Hood scoop trim is missing.  Looks like a decent car to iron out the kinks in and use without worrying about hurting it.

I don’t know if it’s the ill-fitting top or the black wheels but it looks more than usual like a VW Ghia.  Panel fit and paint looks very good.

Nothing horrible here -except maybe that door panel speaker…  I could use this as is.

Well, there is that.  Other than the obvious it’s at least functional.  How does a rebuilt engine only cover 1000 miles in 15 years?  I’ll let you know in 14 on my SS engine…

I add this car mainly for the excellent data point it provides.


2 thoughts on “Market 225: Silver Giulia Spider

  1. Matt
    You’re much too generous!
    I see a project that will need no less than $5000. to take it to completion … and that figure doesn’t include paint.

    Who would rebuild the drive-train and repaint the car without fixing rust-thru holes beneath the battery and in the door?
    Only someone who was interested in flipping it for dollars. Too many missing detail pictures from this eBay listing!
    IMHO – The buyer got a nice 10K car for his money.

  2. Hmmm. I agree if the end result was going to be in the upper end of restoration.

    From a sum-of-parts, make it a runner perspective it’s probably more realistically a $14k car.

    As far as paint goes, why paint it silver to flip it when resale red would have been much easier. Cosmopolitan seems comfortable selling stuff as-found so I doubt they did much to ‘improve’ it. Heck, they made the mistake of having the top up in some pictures -they never look good with an old top up.

    I am going to call this a 15 years stalled half-assed restoration and the rust is probably a development since the paint job -I hear it rains in Wa.

    Bottom line is someone pulled the trigger on it. If they had sent me an email about it I would have given advice somewhere between your and my opinions as seen here.

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