Market 224: Giulia SS in Austria

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381221, 00121*01213.  This car is for sale in Austria on  It has some odd wrong parts on it but overall is in good shape.  It can be yours for 49,900 Euro’s or $60,800… quite a bit less in the dollar world that this time last year.

Good looking clean example of a fairly late model SS.  Hood fits great and all the trim is present and needs nothing.  Europe has some big license plates!

Again, nothing out of place.  Trunk fit and window surround trim is all how it should be.  Nice view!

Dig the font here.  Italians always took fonts very seriously.  Helvetica the documentary has a lot of interesting history on fonts.

I don’t think this style Borrani wheelsever came on SS’s.  Commonly seen on GT’s, TI’s and even late Sprints. 

Looks good.  Those floor mats are a little ratty for my taste. 

I have to make a set of these door panels soon, may just make two at the same time…

Gauges are very clean, actually everything is. 

Where did the original airbox go?  They are hard to find and expensive… If you make a play for this car ask for a grand off.  Nice other than that!

It is a good sign that new-to-me SS’s keep coming on the market.  I think I have about 225 cars listed in the registers you can access through the ‘Giulietta and Giulia’ pages and new ones are added every month.


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