Market 223: 101 Spider Normale project

Update 6/15/10: $12,634.01, reserve not met was the outcome.  Has not been relisted so maybe the high bidder and seller are working something out.

Giulietta Spider 10104 1495*08359, 1315*011500. This neglected but otherwise solid Spider project is on eBay right now out of Illinois.  Car is said to be a long time Arizona car which bodes well for those worried about rust -Arizona is very dry.  If you’re looking for a DIY project this might just be the car for you.

How you want to find them: straight bodies, paint you could live with almost indefinitely, about complete and untouched for years (whitewalls provide evidence of this).

Backside looks pretty good too.  Bumper looks a little tweeked -pushed up in the middle slightly.

Yeah, pretty good!

Cool accessory wheel.  Dash nosing should be black.  Clean it up and use it.

Engine is a correct series 101 unit.  This manifold and carb set is probably a mid-to-late 60’s 105 item -adds to the vroom though!

Everybody loves a pile of parts to go through.  Horn button and fuse box cover are expensive.

More parts.

Hello my name is…

Good Spider projects are hard to find and this one is very good.  I’m thinking it’s probably going to be a $14K – $16K or so car.


2 thoughts on “Market 223: 101 Spider Normale project

  1. I own the car. $18k was the reserve and I have been negotiating with two gentleman. However, I’ve decided to hang on to the car. Too nice to give away plus I fell back in love with it when I dragged it out. I am reducing my collection, but decided others will go first. This one is a sweetheart.

  2. Also, The nosing color appears to be original though I may be mistaken. My expertise is early Porsche…sorry.

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