The rear view mirror II

As part of my push to just get the Giulietta SS on the road and to satisfy a momentary curiosity piqued when I unpacked the Giulia SS, I got my rearview mirrors together and compared the parts.  As you can see it is true that these two are exactly the same.  Plan was to make the best unrestored mirror I could from the parts on hand, see if there were any parts I was missing and get a sense of the work required to have a restored mirror be the end result.  I’m not missing any parts and to have a restored mirror I need to:  Get the body re-wrinkle finished (~$5 can), get the base and surround rechromed (~$100) , get the glass resilvered (~$20) and put it all together.

Assembled and parts side by side for comparison.  The disassembled one came with the Giulia SS, the other was an eBay purchase.

Not exactly sure what the paper is for… protects the silvering on the mirror in some way I suppose.

Under the paper are these two rubber bumpers to keep the glass from rattling.  That spherical part is where the spring, ball and socket go that allow for a range of motion.  You can see that the piece with the socket is riveted to the wrinkle finish body.  I suppose if you were going to re-chrome it you would have to grind the rivets away.

The base looks like multiple parts but it’s all welded together and will have to be chromed as a unit.  I’ll replate these M4 nuts in copy-cad and get some new wavy lock washers  when I get a chance.

So what you see here is the best of each of the parts.  I’ll assemble this and use it in the first car I put together.  When I get to the chroming point I’ll probably do one at a time.

For my next post on this I’ll show you the assembled one and maybe I’ll have gotten the mirror resilvered and some of the other work done by then.  Stay tuned.

Part one of the rear view mirror saga.


4 thoughts on “The rear view mirror II

  1. Matt, I’m going through the same mirror process. Have you identified a vendor for re-silvering the mirror? I wish I had waited to tackle this until you posted! It would have saved me a lot of noodling.

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