Market 220: 750 ‘Spyder’ Veloce

Update 5/24/10: Check out this picture of the 750F list in d’A & T.  I would think it’s a Veloce.  This car doesn’t make any sense to be $40K as a normale… more like $28k.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*05388, 1315*013679. This car is listed right now at Fantasy Junction for $39,500 and described as being a Veloce conversion but this chassis number is listed in d’Amico and Tabucchi as a 1958 Spider Veloce and I will assume they are correct.

So far so good.  Grill eyebrows are missing but that’s not a big deal to sort out if you want.  Drivers side grill tusk looks a little crooked.  Hood fits good and everything says ‘driver’.

Door and trunk lid fit is also good.  I can’t tell the quality of the paint from pictures but it passes the 10 foot test.  Jaan is listed as the mechanic for this car which is a good thing.

FJ likes these overhead shots and I do too.  Back end looks great.  Steering wheel is a later 101 item.  Not the end of the world but $800 – $300 you can sell this one for if you decide to get all ‘period correct’ on this thing.

I wonder if it was always red.  I wonder if any rust repairs have been done.  I want that tool roll!  Not bad all in all, but redoing this in red should be on you medium to low priority list.

Red piping appears to be original as does the rest of the interior.  This is driver-plus condition.

Gauges are pretty good originals but the tach is not a Veloce item.

Air intake set up is correct.  This would have 40DCO3’s and that weird manifold.  Leave it like this -it’ll work.

Vin with an F.  Looks like a Veloce to me.

This is one of those cars where you have to have two columns to try and figure out if it’s worth the asking.  In one column is the value of the stuff you have to add to make it a perfect $60,000 or so car -the result of that column says that it’s overpriced -maybe $5000 worth.  The other column is where you start with zero and add up what you get that can see: 1958 Spider Veloce chassis with driver paint, functional interim 101 1300 engine, Veloce intake, good seats -you get the idea, and the functionality you get: running, driving, looking good etc, the result of that column says the price here is about right.  I guess it all depends on what you want it for.


9 thoughts on “Market 220: 750 ‘Spyder’ Veloce

  1. I think the rear bumper and Tag Lights are for a later 101. I can’t recall seeing this set-up on short door cars.

  2. The chassis number is that of a normale and the lack of a veloce tach is further evidence that this is not a veloce.

    • T. hart,

      What reference are you using to determine the car is a normale? d’Amico and Tabucchi is very reliable and they list it as a Veloce.


  3. Given the fact that FJ says it is not a real Veloce, and it is missing some of the important Veloce bits (tach, air diverter in grill and to a lesser degree Borrani wheels) I would have to guess the “F” was added. Which IF true, in my opinion decreases the value even more by trying to “F”ake the firewall/VIN plate.

  4. Matt, I realize that the VIN info in the book is not “perfect”, however my Spider Veloce #05657 first of all is not listed, and second according to those VINs it would be a ’58. The following is cut from the letter from Alfa: “According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 1495.05657 and the engine number AR 1315.32076 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce, manufactured on the 12th January 1959….Yours, Sincerely, Marco Fazio”. It is all very strange….

    • Sorry, I just saw my VIN way lower on the page, not realizing that they are not in order! You can delete my last post, thanks!

      • Scott,

        No problem. Admittedly there are errors but in the forward of the book they actually show a picture of a page from the books they were working with and these are the same books Marco looks at when he replies to an inquiry about a car.


  5. Hello, good evening
    Could i ask what’s the book A & T where there are the number chassis and engine of giulietta spider veloce except Fusi book?
    Best regards

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