Market 219: Some Sprints in Salt Lake city

Giulietta Sprints. If you’re quick you can call and try and buy these two Sprints.  One is a Veloce, both are pretty rough.  I talked to a guy that talked to the seller and it sounds like the seller is fishing for as much money as possible… not that that’s not what I would do.  Check Craigslist.

It’s pictures like this that make me think there are a lot of survivors.  Nose has had a decent poke.  Probably better than it looks in the picture.

This ones got some rocker rust if I’m not seeing things.  Looks like it may have had some fender flares once upon a time.

The $3500 asking is a good deal if you can economically get these home.  If not you’ll be in the ‘still a good deal but not great’ price range if you buy and ship then.  Neither picture is good enough to tell which is the Veloce.


7 thoughts on “Market 219: Some Sprints in Salt Lake city

  1. Looks like the ivory color sprint is a rare color for a sprint coupe. Hope that these wind up in the right hands to be restored. Did you happen to get some serial numbers including the Bertone #?

  2. Filed under good news / bad news. Just when you thought there were none left, an ad like this pops up. And then you see the neglect….

  3. I talked to the guy yesterday. He says these pictures are from 2007 and recently there has been some vandalism to the cars i.e. broken windows, etc. Also he wants $3500 EACH. The yellow car is the Veloce and is the ’62. He says all the parts are there, however it looks like they both are missing trim pieces and the Veloce is missing the grill. Given the details, I would say the price is OK, but by no means a steal. And if the gauges and other parts are now broken, this could be over priced.

    • I’ve got an extra rear glass if anyone here buys these. If anyone else calls, try and get the VIN’s for me.


  4. Might take some work by the look of things, I love all the alfa romeo car models, but the old giulietta sprints are defo some of my faves. You gonna do a fix up then?

  5. Looking for chrome trim for 1964 sprint(unsure of part name) that goes between passenger window and rear window. Any info please leave message.


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