Market 218: Nice original Giulia SS at auction

Giulia SS 10121*381349.  On June 6th in Greenwich CT Bonhams will hold an auction and among the lots is Lot 437, one 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale with a claimed 33,000 miles on the odometer and a fairly clean, original appearance.  Estimate is $40,000 – $60,000, which ranges from realistic to slightly optimistic but not out of the question.

This is a good looking car.  Door gaps are invisible, ride height is perfect, bright work and paint are very nice.  I’d lose that front license plate in a hurry.

This is a popular angle on the grill.  When they were making these, each car had a custom fit centergrill because each nose came out slightly different by the time all the panels that made it up were welded together.

Seemingly less useful picture actually shows a lot.  Door and hood gaps are indeed very nice, the window surround trim is in good shape and it’s got a cool period correct Talbot style mirror.

The rear view mirror looks great as does the stitching around the gauge cluster hump on the dash cover.  Wiper arms are correct and deflector seems to have the right camber -angling slightly toward the windshield.

Clean and inviting -the way it’s meant to be.  Steeringwheel is in great shape.

I think this is the original door panel and hardware.  Note grab handle in the upper left corner of the picture.  Seats and carpet have a nice even patina.

Gauges are spectacular… I wonder how well they work. 

The right stuff from the intake manifold to the airbox and plenum and beyond.  There is tidying to do but very minor -like plug wires.

Paint peeling in this area is not a huge cause for concern as these brake fluid reservoirs are notorious leakers, but it would be a good idea to crawl under this thing just in case.

There have not been a lot of SS’s on the market in recent months and the motoring and auction season is just getting underway so I expect a strong final on this car.  I used to say the value of good Alfa’s is pegged to the Euro but I am thinking that needs to be modified to say it’s pegged to whatever rich guys are protecting their assets in, whether it be gold or pork bellies.  This is a real, desireable thing, produced in very limited quantities and that can be used an enjoyed as it appreciates.  Don’t be afraid -go for it!

2009 SS’s

2008 SS’s



8 thoughts on “Market 218: Nice original Giulia SS at auction

  1. This is really a nice original, apparently unmolested SS. If the body is solid, it’s one of the best offered for sale in years, although I prefer the Giulietta interior. Judging from the number of unsolicited offers I receive for mine, I think this car is likely to go for well above the estimate. Have a car at the Concours, so I’ll be there to watch.

  2. Matt,
    I am heading to NYC next week and might be seeing the cars in the auction which are in a private collection. I will let you know my thoughts.

  3. Matt;
    Love the new site..where do you find the time?
    I was able to see both Alfas last week and both are very honest cars; solid number 2’s. The Lancia was fantastic!

  4. Saw the car today – I’d call it an honest #3+. As predicted it went well above the estimate, for nearly $75k including buyer’s premium.

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