Giulia SS 380211 is in the house

The odyssey has ended, my new Giulia SS is in my shop space next to the Giulietta SS and the parts are for the most part unpacked.  How is it?  Well, it is as rusty as the pictures promised -with a need for inner and outer rockers in addition to repair to a lot of little lacey rust holes around the windows and anywhere else moisture was able to get.  The good is that a lot of the hard fabrication was done before the previous owner got the car so it has a new floor, lots of new metal in the lower extremities and a pile of new metal to install, the bad is it makes my Giulietta SS rust repairs look like a cake walk.  Can and will I get it together?  I hope so.

Dave brought the car and 3 crates down from Canada.  I find it sad that he earned 40% more than the broker company and all they did was fill out a few forms.  I reckon the shipping was a pretty good deal.

Sorry about the picture, I have yet to get a new camera so I am using my iphone.  Crate in the foreground is massive but on casters to moving it around is no problem.  I spent about 6 hours carrying parts up the ladder to my loft.  Windshield and rear window came in crates and the larger of the two has become my glass storage system. 

Lots of new parts were included in the deal and all the hard to find original stuff is present so when I do put it together it shouldn’t be too bad a job.  Note the set of 4 original Carello tail light lenses.

Now that it’s in my garage what am I going to do?  Get my Giulietta on the road and then size up the task.  More to come.



2 thoughts on “Giulia SS 380211 is in the house

  1. Matt how about getting all the SS cars together at your shop for a photo. I can think of 7 including your 2 cars that are nearby. That would have to be a rare photo don’t you think?

    • I have thought of it… I think I need to get one of mine on its wheels first. I can think of 8 off the top of my head…


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