Market 217: restored Spider 10103*09331

Update 5/18/10: Car as predicted ssold in the high twenties: $28,600 after 16 bids to be exact.  See, a well presented, no BS auction can result in a decent selling price.

Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*09331This car is on eBay right now out of Washington state.  The seller claims to have done extensive work in the early 2000’s and this is verified by what is seen in the pictures.  After less than a day the bidding has reached $10,127 with 4 bids.  There has been a pretty good group of Spiders the last month, jockeying for a ‘summer fun’ sale, but I think this might be one of the best of the group.

This is how they probably looked new.  No excuses chrome, good panel fit and just a sort of ‘wow’ factor.

Trunk gap is a little big but notoriously difficult to make perfect.  Might just be an illusion of this contrasty black and white in bright sun picture though too.  Rear end suspension is noce and low.

Interior looks great.  I would probably have gone with red on a white car, not so staid, but that has no bearing in this car, which is very tidy.  I get the sense that the gauges were restored.

Seats and rear drape look good.  Trim, top snaps and hinges look exemplary.

Very clean engine compartment.  Air filter is not original and neither is the underhood matting, but neither is a big deal and what is seen here is functionally superior.

The VIN so there will never be a doubt as to this cars identity.

A friend of mine does a lot of body repair on these cars and he tells me the weld edge that sticks down from the rocker is probably as important if not more than the surface of the rocker because it’s very hard to fake a good repair to it.  This all looks amazing.

Just in time for summer!  Imagine yourself in these wheels meeting ladies!  It can only appreciate!  You get the idea, all the tried and true summer convertible sales and classic car sales pitches apply.  As always, don’t take the sellers word for it -especially at the likely high twenties price this car is going to go for.  I hear Washington is beautiful this time of year, maybe a quick vacation to look at this car is a good idea if you are serious.

A recent hopefully comparable Spider

2009 Spiders

2008 Spiders


1 thought on “Market 217: restored Spider 10103*09331

  1. Wow, sure looks fab!
    Still, a couple of undercar shots while up on the carlift as shown would make me feel more secure if I don’t take you up on your advise to go up to Wash. to see it. Fergat wheel @ RF and Borrani at LR? Still… the siren song of allure!

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