Sprint Speciale Summer

This morning I got an email from the friend of mine who bought the Giulietta Spider I sold late last year. It turns out he’s shooting for a late June sports car event to have it on the road. That car was not any nearer than my Giulietta SS to being on the road so as I was sitting in very slow traffic so I started thinking about what it would take to have the SS ready for the same event. I decided I needed to define what my minimum criteria of roadworthyness is, what remains to do to get to it, and how long each of those tasks would take.

I think this will help with my suspended disbelief. Yes, I can.

Minimum roadworthyness: Rust repaired in body. Body with doors, hood and trunk mounted such that they securely latch. Windshield installed. Drive train installed and operable. Front suspension and steering installed and functional. Rear end with suspension installed and functional. Brakes at all 4 wheels. Headlights, tail lights and brake lights. Fuel delivery system functional. Driver and passenger seats installed. Seat belts.

Remeber all this stuff? It’s been gathering dust while I lolly-gag along on the rust repair, engine build etc. Imagine if all this was bolted to the car!

At the risk of sounding insanely optimistic I have to say: this is really not that much stuff. A lot of these systems have had considerable work done to them, for example the brakes… I have relined shoes, honed brake cylinders, cylinder rebuild kits and mounting kits, new flexible lines, rebuilt master cylinder and all I really need to do is the few hours work to bolt everything together and bleed it. Then there is the front suspension, all the parts have been blasted and repainted, I have new rebound straps, Koni reds, sport springs etc etc so again, it’s just a matter of bolting it all together.

So why haven’t I considered this before? Well, I had, but I had an irrational notion that I should paint the door jambs and engine compartment in body color before I started down this road. What changed my mind you ask? A friend has a Giulia SS that was repainted on a budget at some point and they just brush painted the door jambs and all black. It looks pretty good so hey-ho, here I go. Oh, and my shoulder and neck is feeling much better so I think I might even be able to do the work. Wish me luck.  Anyone wants to stop by and help is welcome.


7 thoughts on “Sprint Speciale Summer

  1. Go Matt! I’ve only a few things to do on the 356 to prep for the Motherlode so I could lend a hand as necessary. Let me know the shop times and I can at least bring beer,

    • If I can get the welding done this weekend there is a slight chance I could get the car together. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the offer.


    • I’s hella broke ’til SS number 2 shows up and a month or 2 passes

      appreciate the sentiment though.


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