Market 216: Modified Spider ‘track car’

This Giulietta Spider based homebuilt roadster is available now on Craigslist out of Grand Blanc, Flint for $3900. If it’s got most of it’s parts that’s not a bad price.  If it’s not rusty it might be worth welding the correct nose and tail back on.

70’s Spider nose on a Giulietta?  Could be worse… somehow.  That rollbar/loop looks pretty thin. 

In an odd reversal, they seem to have wanted a Fiat X1/9 and decided to cut a Giulietta Spider up to get it.  Door fit is good and I don’t see any obvious rust.

I don’t know if it’s a trick of the shadow across the back, but that edge looks off.  Kind of a coda Tronca treatment really.  VW tail lights?

I see a tail pipe… maybe it runs!

Another odd modified Alfa with a Spider nose.


8 thoughts on “Market 216: Modified Spider ‘track car’

  1. This is on eBay right now. No engine/trans.
    The body I think is actually pretty neat, nose seems to resemble an early ’60s Ferrari prototype (so probably done in period after a crash), as is the ‘roll bar’. A great project if you have a Veloce engine in the garage !

  2. Wow, my Dad built this car in the 60’s. Yes, it was a salvage vehicle. I have pictures me next to this car when it was still a nice car. Anyone with info on this car, please contact me. Eddie

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