Market 215: Tidy driver Early Spider 750D 01323

Update 5/7/10:  27 bidders resulted in a high of $14,600 and the car went deservedly unsold.  Too many Giulietta Spiders on the market or the imminent crash of the Euro?  I’d buy this tomorrow if I had $20K, drive and improve it the next two months and put it through RM or some such at the Monterey weekend this August.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01323, 1315*41282.  This car is on eBay right now out of Chico California, a college town a little north of Sacramento.  There seems to be a higher than usual number of early Spiders moving around the market right now… must be all the ones that have been waiting for winter to pass.

I like the fogs, nice touch that they made use of the ‘tusk’ mounting holes.  Not much to say other than tidy and attractive!

The quality of these pictures leaves a lot to the imagination.  Trunk and doors fit pretty good.

Ditto.  Paint looks a little mottled, not sure if it’s a reflection.

 Ad text: “1957 Giulietta Spider Normal 750D #1495 01323 matching engine #41282. 
I acquired this beautiful little gem in the spring of 2004. She has been a “Sunday driver” around town and has brought me and my family much joy.

The story: To the best of my knowledge this car has spent its life in California. In the mid 90’s the owner spent 13k in restoration including engine rebuild and a through mechanical go through. The work was performed by a very reputable shop here in Chico. I have all receipts. The owner was unable to pay the bill and as a result put the car up as collateral for a loan to make it right with the shop. The loan was never paid and the car went into deep storage. I acquired the car from the fellow that made the loan. At this point it had less than 100 miles on the restoration work.  I had the head gasket replaced, cleaned the fuel system, rebuilt the breaks, put new Dunlop tires on and she fired right up. Also a professional rewire front to back. Engine runs perfectly, transmission shifts smooth and the clutch is solid.  New Koni shocks on front. Dash top is perfect. The choke cable is frozen.  I have only driven it around town and on a few short trips for a total of less than 4000 miles. The seats and matching door panels have been beautifully redone as well. The parking brake handle and mechanism are straight and work perfect. At some point the nose was damaged repaired and re-sprayed. The boot lid shows some fine bubbles under the paint but no visible rust. The body has some minor dings and will need attention and paint but nothing serious as you can see from the pictures.  It has no top but the irons are complete, blasted and primed. I have found some scarce parts and will pass them along with the car. This is a solid candidate for restoration as the expensive mechanicals are done and it’s a great driver just as is. Clear California non-op title. Car is 90 miles north of Sacramento. You are welcome to come take a look. I can document the story. This is a really great car to take the rest of the way. 


  • The windshield has a deep groove probably needs replacing.
  • Surface rust only in boot and rockers. Metal is sound. Jack points solid.
  • Pitting and light rust on dashboard face.
  • Passenger door handle missing, supplied but not installed.
  • Carpet is used up
  • No convertible top, irons supplied
  • Choke cable is frozen.
  • Heater motor runs but is bypassed. I do not know why.
  • Ignition switch has a personality. Marrelli replacement supplied not installed
  • Steering wheel is missing ring and needs restoration. Vintage Nardi wheel supplied but not installed
  • Period driving lights work but are not hooked up. Original bumper overriders included but not installed.
  • Spare tire hold-down and jack missing. Spare included with new tire to match
  • Bumpers need detail and re-chrome
  • Outside review mirror cracked.
  • Windshield wipers do not work. Complete used set supplied but not installed. Motor and all.
  • Turn signal spring broken.
  • Shifter boot needs floor ring.
  • Rear shocks need replacing.  Fronts are Koni.
  • Surface rust in boot and on floor wire brush reviels clean bright solid metal (see pics) no serious rust anywhere.  

Included in the sale:

  • New shop Manuel (reprint)
  • Correct Marelli ignition switch with keys (used)
  • Passenger door handle
  • Bumper overriders front where lights are
  • Original air cleaner with element
  • Convertible top irons complete, blasted and primed
  • New rubber hood bumpers
  • Complete wiper setup including motor (used)
  • Vintage Nardi wheel and center piece.
  • New Koni rear shocks”


While I wouldn’t paint the car, I’d consider painting the rockers to neutralize the rust. 

I guess I’d paint the trunk too.  You’d be surprised how reasonable some localized paint touch up can be.

Interior looks perfect to me.  Just leave it alone and enjoy it.  Another bent shift lever here.  Looks like you’re right Jon.

Could be cleaned up some but is pretty much as it should be.

Hello my name is…

Okay, so recently we’ve had a very similar (and better presented) car go for $26,450 out of Florida and right now, at the other end of the list on eBay of ‘alfa giulietta’ is 750D 01503… another very early complete, cool runner.  Will the market support good results for several similar cars at the same time?  I guess we’ll find out.

2009 Spiders

2008 Spiders


3 thoughts on “Market 215: Tidy driver Early Spider 750D 01323

  1. I have seen this car drive around Chico where I live as well. I could find out more about it and take more pictures if a potential buyer was interested.

  2. Hi! Could someone provide me with details of the owner of this Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1495*01323, I would like to get in contact with this person? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards. George

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