Market 136: Sprint Veloce Lightweight 750E 04447

Update 5/7/10: 24 bidders resulted in $70,100.  This is pretty low, but probably not a huge reflection on the value of this car.  I think it’s more like $100K.  Chances are it’s not goingf to be let go for that though.

Update 4/29/10: This car has been listed on eBay after hanging out in their showroom for most of a year.  Still fabulous, still too much money for me.  Sigh.

7/31/2009: Giulietta Sprint Veloce Lightweight 1493*04447, 1315*30528. This car is available right now at my local corner market for the rare, exotic and covetable: Fantasy Junction. Slide your debit card through the reader, enter your PIN and accept the $154,500 amount. Transaction complete. “Thank you, come again.”

Seller claims this is one of only 100 Sprint Veloce lightweights made but there is an often published list of the first 100 Sprint Veloce Lightweights, the date they were produced (July of 1956 is the last car on that list), who bought them, where they were shipped, and this car is not on that list, in fact, if you add that list of 100 to the other known lightweights you get close to 130. This car is body number 77498, so I would deduce it’s the 498th Sprint Veloce lightweight made, though they were not necessarily made in numerical order. Some argue that not all of those Sprint Veloce’s were lightweights, but I would rebut: “Why make special lightweight bodies then dress them in non-lightweight clothes?” Greig Smith writes very convincingly and with sound logic on this topic and deduces that there were “about 600 lightweights made“. See his comments and reasoning at the link.

30658Am I blue? I keep thinking that if I work hard making my Alfa fleet the best it can be, one day I will be able to have a blow out sale and buy 1 spectacular Alfa. It would be either a Giulietta Sprint Veloce Lightweight or a Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato Coda Tronca. It will be expensive and I will miss driving with reckless abandon in my scruffy Sprint.

30655Seldom seen arial shot of the front. Good thing the hood fit is exemplary. Simply beautiful.

30675I take this for granted because I drive a Sprint every day, but the lead-in to the headlights from the front door jamb is a very nice line that it takes some measure of familiarity to appreciate.

30678You don’t just throw springs and shocks under a car and the result is this perfect stance. Suspension set-up is an iterative process of shimming, loading, clearance checking and if you’re the owner, check writing. These wheels appear to be the recent 15″ x 5″ repro’s out of the UK which fit without any fuss.

30638Signature window treatment for the lightweights is this pair of sliding plexi lights in an aluminum frame. Woe is you if you are restoring one of these and it doesn’t have these windows, just ask Stuart -especially considering he got some extras made when he had his fabricated.

30663Big manly steering wheel, all wood rivets and aluminum is a must on a car of this pedigree. I like how they made the horn button fit. Clever. Notice the choke blank position has been moved (usually at seven o’clock, now at 4 o’clock from the ashtray center), very practical. I like the low profile transmission hump that the tunnel case box makes possible. Charming color combo too.

30665Another view of one of the most important areas in a car: the dash. Why most important? You are going to be looking at this occasionally if you use your old cars. Seat grip, steering feel, gear change feedback, brake bite, exhaust note and engine pull are the other areas where the subtle pleasures of a good car can shine. Seats appear to be suede, a good choice for seats without bolstering if you corner hard and wear slippery pants. I’m not sure who did it first but the Spanish and Italians are famous for suede topped motorcycle racing seats for their extra grip.

3064740DCO3’s on the 2 piece intake manifold with a magnesium alloy plenum plumbed to the correct, firewall mounted air box. Tudor windscreen washer bottle is a rarity, another ‘woe is you’ item. FJ description mentions all the buzz words with impunity and thus, so will I: Carillo rods, Cosworth Pistons, Sammy Hale prepped crank, etc etc. In English that says: “Fast, smooth and reliable.”

30661Numbers for the numbers geeks. I see some touch ups on the build plate. They have a typo on their listing of the engine number, it is not 1315*50528, which is a Giulietta Berlina engine.

30690More clean and tidy prep. The oil pan is correct, the transmission is a tunnel case 4 speed unit, the headers look original, the shocks are Koni reds. Not pictured here but noteworthy is that the fuel tank is the big veloce item and the rear emergency brake set up is original and correct.

$154,500 is no small sum, but the kind of guys that seriously consider cars like this can throw it around like I can throw $500 around. This car is probably worth that money and will not be on the market long, but I have to ask myself, is this what I would buy if I had $150K to spend on a sports car? Hopefully I will seriously have to consider this quandry before too long.

A less expensive lightweight.

A slightly more expensive lightweight.


2 thoughts on “Market 136: Sprint Veloce Lightweight 750E 04447

  1. I am looking for a 1956 or 1957 “eyebrows” sprint veloce or normale, restored to “club concours” level, at a reasonable price. I would also be interested in an “eyebrows” confortevole or lightweight sprint if the price is within my budget, but probably can’t afford one..

  2. You’d think F.J. would get the engine listing right in the ad. A 4.5L DOHC 6 cyl?
    Serial Number: 1493 04447
    Exterior Color: Blue
    Interior Color: Cloth Seats, Grey Carpets, and Blue Trim
    Engine: 4.5 Litre DOHC Inline 6-Cylinder no. 45109
    Transmission: 4-Speed
    Stock: FJ521

    It is a beautiful car but its way way out of my price range.


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