Market 212: 1 and 1/2 Spider Veloce’s

Update 4/26/10:  29 bids and $12,200 resulted in a sale.  Fair all the way around.

Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390255, 00121*01757 & 10118*390245These cars are on eBay right now as a package deal out of Ithaca New York from a seller who sounds very knowledgable and realistic about the condition of the cars.  A little over 1000 of these late run 101 Spider Veloce’s were made, with engines in common with 1600 SS’s.  Fusi says the engines should be tipo 00118 but no such engine exists.  Values are strong for good ones, so a project is worth doing.

The overall picture isn’t too bad, but everything you see will require work.  At least the nose dimple is in pretty good shape.

Trunk fit is very good.  I never noticed how heavily badged these cars are with the script abopve the trunk latch and the ‘1600 Veloce’ in the corner.  This car doesn’t look to have run into anything in it’s brief time on the road.

There is a lot of expensive work to do under here.  At least there are several options for replacement sheet metal these days.

All the little stuff is here.  I didn’t know the Spider Veloce’s also had the metal shield over the passenger side vent intake.  That’s the disk brake size fluid reservoir.

Looks very good.  You will probably want to get this in something and run it occasionally unless you’re really fast fixing the car up.

Not great, not bad.  At least it’s got the right mirrow and gauges.  Steering wheel and horn button even looks pretty good.

Road kill.  A lot of the middle of the car is missing.  I’d get this off the ground, maybe up on a palette rack.  It’s not restorable today, but that may change -imagine if it was a lightweight Sprint Veloce or lownose SS.  People would be lining up to spend money on it.

Most of the Spiders Alfa made through 1965 came to the US.  I don’t think the well is going to dry up any time soon, but eventually it will…

2009 Spider Veloce’s

2008 Spider Veloce’s


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