Market 207: Sprint Veloce Lightweight project in LA

Update 4/16/10: More pictures have surfaced (link is to a large Flickr set).  This car needs a lot to bring it back and the fact that it hasn’t been snapped up by anyone who has gone and seen it in person tells me it’s very needy.  Make a reasonable offer and wait?

 The fire damage to the aluminum skin of the passenger door.  Ouch.  Rocker needs a little too…

Lots to do to correct the steel door frame and then refit the skin.

A view that doesn’t look too bad.

Giulietta Sprint Veloce. In the for sale section at the website for the UK based Giulietta Register is a rare thing indeed -a project Sprint Veloce Lightweight!  Car was apparently in some sort of fire and will require some more difficult than usual fabrication.  If you’ve been looking for one as a project this may be it.

Yes it looks scary, but I bet all the easy ones have been fixed already.  Doors, hood, trunk, window frames, headlight rings, and lots of other little bits are aluminum.  

There is good and bad news about a car like this.  The good being the bunch of parts that are the same as standard Giuliettas of its period, and of course the bad news is all the stuff that has to be fabricated from scratch.

There is no price mentioned in the advertisement but based on the $80k minimum for decent ones that can stretch in to the $200K region with the right provenance, one has to assume this car is not cheap.  I’d go for it if I wasn’t up to my eyeballs in rusty, incomplete but ‘valuable when done’ Giuliettas.



12 thoughts on “Market 207: Sprint Veloce Lightweight project in LA

  1. It doesn’t look all that bad. A little crusty, sure, but from the pictures it looks pretty straight. I wonder how bad the damage is, and where it is? A cool project for someone.

    • On second thought, with some close ups, that car is going to take some work. I hope it finds its way into someones hands that can do it justice and put it back on the road. Its got rust, and fire damage and melted aluminum, none of that is fun to work with. It is straight and it does have the right stuff under the hood, but I hope the stuff under the hood is not damaged by the heat from the fire.

  2. Interior fire gutted wiring, paint and fabric and original plastic windows; but aluminum trim and even rubber moldings survived. No collision damage anywhere; original veloce engine & floor shift tunnel case trans. Car’s first twenty years were in UK; so rust under doors and around right headlight could use some Normale sheet metal substitution. Large race fuel fill and battery in trunk. Some English Bondo equivalent with porous metal obvious low on right rear fender. We have other Alfas and have cars and parts like three shoe brakes, heads, etc.


  3. I wish one of Matt’s a UK readers would comment on the prospect of restoring at a shop in Poland. I think that would reult in the best outcome.

  4. Wow, this one is really far gone.
    Due to fire most of all ancillaries and interior stuff must be just unusable.
    The chassisnumber may be worth something, but even getting this scrap remade in Poland will be very costly and a lot of guesswork in re-iterating work to get it to look right.
    In my view only something for those with lots of time and money. But better find something more complete….

    • I suppose you mean $5000. If it has a real Sprint Veloce Lightweight vin and matching number engine then I say more… heck the 40DCO3’s are quite valuable as I’m sure you know. I can’t see it selling for less than $15k.

      My .02.

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