Market 210: Amazing transformation 1960 Sprint

Update 4/22/10: $23,100 was the result with 21 bidders making a play.  Lets hope this car has finally found a home! 

Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*22515This car is on eBay right now out of Philadelphia PA.  Why the ‘amazing transformation’ title?  We’ve seen this car before.  This car has the distinction of being the first car in the line up (in other words the cheapest) of both the 2008 and 2009 Sprint market summaries.  Check out Market 40 and Market 75.  I have often said, half in jest, that you could buy a somewhat complete Sprint shell and a $700 1970’s Spider runner, throw on a decent coat of paint, buy about $1500 worth of little stuff from Centerline or on eBay and create a pretty cool runner.  That looks like exactly what happened here.  Bravo!

Paint looks good, front end trim is good and all in all it looks attractive and right.  I would have no problem driving this Sprint.  Picasso museum?

Door gap is very nice, trunk fit is average and bumper, tail lights, window trim etc looks good.  ‘Airplane’ trim and ‘Sprint’ script is missing from trunk lid.  I’m not sure what the trunk latch button is from but it’s not a standard Sprint item.  Perhaps it’s from a 70’s Spider.

Paint shows up well here with good attention to detail when refitting the trim etc.  Seats look like early 70’s Spider items.  My Sprint had a set of these when I first got it… not an easy task fitting these.  They do provide more support than the Sprint seats and have headrests which is nice if you get rearended.  Note Spider door pull on passenger door.

Gauges don’t look too bad if you don’t mind the addition of a later fuel gaige in the middle of the tri-gauge.  Steeringwheel center button is ?  On my car the gauge cluster section of the dash is matte black.  Still… looks very tidy and well done.

Lets see… engine is a 2 liter, radiator looks like a 70’s Spider unit, exhaust manifold is a one piece item, perhaps a first run Giulietta item… not sure, you tell me.  Original detent style hood prop is missing in favor of a simple prop.  Again, all in all well done.

Yeah, that looks like a Spider trunk button.  Fuel filler door is from?  Straight forward and tidy at least.  Jack is probably a 105 era item.

Auction text: ”

Up For auction; is this 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Normale with a 2 (two) litter conversion and 5 (five) speed transmission.

Recently restored Sprint; made to be a more competent that original, with more power, more safety, and more comfort.

The Pictures and Video of the car, are an excellent representation of what the car is. 

Following is a list of what has been done to this car:

  • Stripped to bare metal
  • Metal formed and mig welded as needed.
  • Joints leaded and minimum amount of Durahyde filler used.
  • 8 coats of 2K primmer was sanded
  • 4 coats of Alfa RED from PPG
  • 4 Coats of Clear from PPG, then sanded and polished.
  • new windshield
  • new wire harness
  • new springs
  • new shocks
  • new tires on Borrani wheels (restored)
  • new brake hydrolic lines and hoses
  • new linings on brakes
  • new carpets
  • new headliner
  • rebuilt engine and transmission from S3 Spider
  • new driveshaft
  • relined gas tank
  • new fuel pump and lines and filter
  • new gas gauge and gas sender
  • new oil and water gauge
  • new weber 40DCOE carburetors
  • new exhaust
  • new hoses, clamps, gaskets etc.

This car was restored so it can be driven safely in modern traffic, as well as, in vintage car days, without any issues what so ever.

 holds its own in traffic, and is an absolute pleasure to drive at all times.  It is very fast. SPRINTS had an 80 hp motor and this one has almost 135 horsepower and 140 torques.  The competition clutch is very hard, but is something you get used to very quickly.

The suspension is rebuild stock, and is absolutely wonderful all around.

Stock rebuilt brakes mean it stops great all the time.  It has Two shoes in the front.

Modern MP3 ready cd player just makes the car more useable for long trips to the vineyards.

Modern gas gauge incorporated in the vintage instrument reads the “correct” amount of gas in the relined tank.

Modern gauges in center dash, for the water, electrical system, and oil, keep you well informed of what happens under the hood.

Car has 3 ignition switches and a PUSH start button to operate.

Rear bumper is presentable but has scratches.  Passenger seat has minor cracking in left bottom (see pics).

Car has no locks.

I strongly encourage serious bidders (bidders that can follow through with the purchase) to Please come and have a look at the vehicle.

If you are from out of town please have someone you trust come and look at the vehicle before you bid.  Then bid to own.

Good luck.”

Suspension has seen some tidying.  Giulietta suspension is very tough and seldom needs much other than new shocks, springs and tie rod ends.

About average under here.  I see a late Spider rear end back there.  Seller must know their way around Alfa’s.

Kind of cool really that someone did the right thing with this car.  Was probably cost prohibitive to restore considering the missing original parts and if it can’t be original it might as well be a fun.  My Sprint had a 1750 in it when I got it and yes, it was fast, so I can only imagine how potent this car is.



20 thoughts on “Market 210: Amazing transformation 1960 Sprint

      • A 60 would have had the ‘airplane’ above the license plate, but yes, tag light is gone. I have an extra for cheap…


        BTW… nice to have you visiting and commenting!

    • Sharp eye… yes, inner center grill missing. My Sprint Veloce was missing that part. I kind of liked it that way.


  1. Dear Matt,

    I went back and revisited your linked Market #40 & #75, and I don’t see why this doesn’t happen more often. Looks like another car saved! And it will be enjoyed and driven! Inspirational-you bet!

    • Laurence,

      It looks easy but even getting it this far was probably a huge amount of work and resources. But yes, enjoyed is hopefully what will happen!


  2. It seems to be popular, 13 bids at $20K already? Either it came out of the shoot screaming and thats it, or it could go pretty high. Its already surpassed the white car that came up a few months back. Granted, this has most of the trim on it, and the white one didn’t. It will be interesting to see what it goes for.


    • I think it has going for it the 2 liter and simple black interior. I think it came out screaming… I can’t see it going for more than low 20’s.


  3. I don’t like it. If you spend so mutch time in the restauration it should be possible to do it correct. There is no problem to get the right parts. The original instruments, dashboard, seats etc. are important designmarks of the 50th. Who puts a modern radio in this beautifut dashboard? There are good examples of restaurations where they improved the technics, but they hide it f.e. in the glove box …

    • Dirk,

      I share your dislike of the gauge & dash work. I also admit it wouldn’t have been too hard to put a lot of it to right, but I would say: this car was obviously done to make money, I can accept that, and as such spending the extra $2k on little stuff to make it right was probably not desireable. But, you have to admit that it’s better this car was done up the way it was done up, whatever the motive, than left to languish in the state it was in.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Matt……. I have seen 1960 M.Y. with NO AIRPLANE only “standoffs” and lights mounted in the bumper. 59 and only early 60 would have an airplane… I have serial #’s and production documentation that supports that. I love your work on this site! It’s coffee and Giulietta’ for me every morning.

  5. ALFA + Philadelphia Art Museum background + eBay = TASO; self-proclaimed, “Alfa-Guru”

    Yep! It’s another one of his offerings. Study the pics carefully and as always … Caveat Emptor!

    • George,

      You have to admit that regardless of who or why it’s a good thing that this car is back on the road in whatever form.

      I need to send you that manifold! Been ridiculously busy… too busy to do any work on my cars worth writing a proper blog post about.


  6. Cool car! Minor niggling, Alfa spiders from the 70s don’t have a trunk button, just a remote release inside the car. If the car has “3 ignition switches *and* a push-start button to operate”, I don’t envy the buyer his starting procedure :P

  7. I also own 10112 353030…. it has no airplane but rather the stainless tag mounting bracket and bumper mounted tag lights.

  8. As far as I have believe the airoplane number plate holder was changed in 1960 ? I am currently busy with a nut and bolt restoration of a 1960 Giulietta sprint.

    • Best I can do is look at all the cars in my register and compare vin to build date and presence of ‘airplane’. I think the later trunk lids don’t have the hole where it mounts either.


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