Market 186: rusty Spider project 10103 170124

Update 4/8/10: Failing the eBay route this car has been listed on Craigslist for $3000.  There has been some discussion on the 750-101 group all to the effect that it’s too much money.  The seller got very little for the drivetrain parts they sold before selling the car, so it’s starting to look like they should have kept it all together.  Some rube will probably buy it and then start the cycle anew on eBay , but at $5000.  Sigh.

Update 3/29/10: This car is back on eBay with lots more and better pictures, bidding has reached $2995 with one bid and it looks as though there is no reserve.  Maybe this fellow has found a new home.

Update 2/16/10: No bids, no buyer.  Patience friend Spider -you’ll have your day.

Giulietta Spider 10103 170124. This car is on eBay right now out of Oregon.  Seller has been auctioning off a lot of the little parts over the last couple of weeks and now the rest of the car has to go.  I just noticed this car was listed 7 minutes after the Sprint in market 185.  Odd how the world works.  Opening bid is $3995.  No takers as yet.

Looks like the typical scrappy parts car layed up 20 years ago and now maybe worth enough to be promoted from parts car to project.  We’ll see.  Lots of good parts to be seen, but all need some love to be viable.

There is a lot of rust in the trunk.  When the exit wounds around the lower corners of the trunk look like that you know it’s bad.  I have seen worse though, much worse.

Rockers don’t look too horrible, of course paint doesn’t rust and what you are looking at may be paper thin.

Ditto plus exit wound.

Dash, gauges, mirror and wheel are surprisingly nice.  You can check your tread wear from the drivers seat.

Yeah it needs all new floors.  When you cut them out you will discover you need all new rockers and chassis cross braces.  Of course the lower parts of the body will need replacement.  You get the idea.

Yep.  Horror-show.

Not sure how this happens.  There are some good parts, but not many.

The vin.  I’ll be surprised if I see this vin on a nice car in the next 20 years.

There you have it.  The world is probably not ready for a car like this to be a worthy project.  Of course there are always exceptions -no one thought my SS was worth fixing and I am on the verge of proving the nay-sayers wrong, it’s just that for $3000 more you can get a shell without all this rust and a core motor.  I say for this to be worth buying as a project is has to be less than $1500.  The parts are worth more than that.  Oh well.

2008 Spiders.

2009 Spiders.


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