Market 209: Nice red Giulietta Spider

Update 4/26/10: 32 bids were placed and $27,201 was the highest.  Middle of the road for one of these in this condition.  I think inclusion of the original engine would have helped a little but this is about what they are going for…

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*07104This car is listed on eBay out of Troy Michigan, no doubt hoping to ride the coat tails of Market 206’s $45,400 result for a nice red Giulietta Spider normale.  This car looks good in the pictures but they are of somewhat low resolution and without the sellers name recognition of the 206 Spider, it is unlikely to be bid up quite as high.  I am pleased to finally be able to incorporate something in the spirit of my ‘Pushing Product’ series here.

This is called ‘selling the dream’.  The red convertible, the hot chick, and a seemingly warm summer day.  Not sure what the train signifies, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.  Car sits just right and the panel gaps look good.  Of course the first question in the Q&A section of the auction was regarding the possible inclusion of the girl -maybe in another arguably less civilized country…

It looks good but it’s impossible to tell if it’s a $2000 5 footer spray over or a $20K + best of class type of paint job.  Unfortunately you have to assume the worst or go look in person and hope you can tell the difference.  Everything up front is shiney and fits well.

Same goes for the rear.  Well put together and attractive.

Seat piping looks the right size.  Steering wheel is cool, may even be the period correct accessory.  Red carpet is the right shade in my opinion.  Gauges are said to be metric.  All in all, very nice.

Note the color differences between the above picture and this one.  Goes to show how little you can trust pictures.

Oil change stickers are a good sign but I don’t know that I would leave them there.  Not perfect under here but pretty good!

This looks like a home job vin plate.  Alfa was pretty good at making these with shallow, precise stampings in the right places with all the required information by this point.

Very nice.  No patches to be seen here which means there are none, or they were done very well.

If I was in the market for a nice, fuss free Spider to tool around in this summer I would consider this car.  Some recent strong auction results for similar seeming cars no doubt have some people thinking the time has finally come where these highly regarded/appreciated, but comparatively undervalued cars take their proper place.  We’ll see. 

Very similar?

2009 Spiders

2008 Spiders


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