Market 208: 1960 SS in NL

Giulietta Sprint Speciale.  This car is available right now from VSOC in the Netherlands but Anamera has better resolution pictures and more information.  This car looks about right for the 39,750 Euro ($53,700 at time of writing) asking price.  If anyone talks to the seller, let me know what the VIN is please.

As the maker intended.  There is some photo distortion that makes the fenders appear to rise up from the door gaps.  Very nice paint and trim.  Those look like repro headlight rings.

This angle is not the best for SS’s.  Paint looks good from 10 feet.  This is a very red red.

A much better angle on the SS than above.  It kind of looks like it’s smelling that patch of spilled fluid on the pavement to see who it belongs to.

Compare this to the second picture.  Not sure if it has a short back and the illusion of long or vice-versus.  Trunk lid fit is good.

This looks very good.  Door controls, dash, steering wheel and upholstery all look great other than a little baggy-ness in the bottom seat cushion covers.

All the right stuff in all the right places.  Well, it might be missing the under hood light.  Even has Cavis wires and new sticker decals.

The other side looks good too.

So I guess you buy this car, drive it around to all your friends, commute in it a little, do an event or two, pay some mechanic a few thousand dollars for some unnecessary work, polish it a few times when the neighbor wakes you up early on a Sunday with their leaf-blowing activities, then put it up for auction the following spring, make $9243 over what you paid for it and buy something else.  The variety is the spice of life approach to classic car ownership.  If you act now you could have the 100 year celebration in Milan be one of those events.

2009 SS’s

2008 SS’s


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