‘Production and Register’ page finally stable

Update 3/22/10:  I have moved all of my photo files to Flickr so they would be harder to lose -these are about 10% pictures I’ve taken, 10% pictures readers like you have sent and the rest are  pictures from classified ads, forums and the like that I saved.  All these pictures have been linked to the vin’s of the cars they are of on the ‘Production and Register’ page.  What’s the point?  Well, if you’re looking for a picture of some part of a car, some original color, some option or references/examples to help inform you about a car, chances are you’ll find it among the pictures.

If you have pictures of any cars to add I’d be glad to add it.

This picture of a Sprint Veloce lightweight at the beginning of a race was one of those ‘where did it come from’ pictures I found when organizing.  If you go to Christian-Claude you will see many interesting pictures like this from France.  Hopefully they don’t mind me posting this since I am sending them traffic.

Original post 4/2/09: I’ve been struggling with the layout of the production and register page the last few days but it is now fairly stable. Why go through the trouble you ask? The generally referenced production lists have flaws and don’t really address the numbering systems for US cars and this has led to a few restored cars I’ve come across with the wrong numbers stamped on their repro vin plates and in some cases owners who assume an engine is not original because its number doesn’t fall into the stated range for their vin.

sprint-buckThis is the first time I’ve seen a contemporary picture of the original Bertone wood buck for the Sprint. Thanks Rogerio Machado for posting this to Flickr.

So what did I do? What I decided to do was either provide the Fusi year range as stated or an amended version if the listed range is obviously incorrect, and follow it with data on cars that fall in that range with links to relevant information, in most cases my own market reports. In several year ranges I added the US market car prefixes, for a good example of how expanded they became, check out the 1959 and 1960 Sprint breakdowns. I also corrected some well known errors like the 00118 Spider Veloce engine that doesn’t exist.

Click here to go through my previous posts explaining the numbering system used on the Giuliettas. There is a link at the bottom of each taking you to the next.

barn_alfas_1These guys were part of the Portuguese barn find hoax. I heard the SS has been sold. Anyone here? Marco??

Is this it? No. As cars are listed that definitively prove the year based number ranges and prefixing false they will be adjusted. The more you participate, the more accurate this will become as a reference.

If you care to have you car added email me at sprints @ giuliettas . com or comment on this post or the ‘P & R’ page.


3 thoughts on “‘Production and Register’ page finally stable

    • I’m not sure I get your point? Owners are free to believe what they want about their cars? Of course, but most are happy to learn something new.


  1. Hello Matt.

    Yes. It´s true. Many classics are ” store” for many years, to SOLD now.

    After the ” 25 de Abril ” revolution in 1974, many people sold ( for one ” peace of cake ” ) many cars, today true classics…

    And one men ( whit ” business future vision ” ) buyed ALL cars can do, and after

    aprox. 30 years , make one company ONLY TO SOLD all classics.

    Good vision 30 years past… :)))

    Besta regards from Madeira Island


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