Market 203: Late Sprint hotrod in Monaco RM auction

Giulietta/Giulia Sprint 385086This car that I found on Anamera is going to be auctioned May 1st 2010 in Monaco by RM auctions (listed between a Frua AC 428 and a Aston DB2 Vantage!).  Car wears a 10112 Sprint 1600 build plate on the firewall but the vin number itself is that of a 10103 1300 Giulietta Sprint from 1965.  I am guessing the vin is 10112*358086.  I’ll send an email off into the cloud and see if they can clarify this.  Car is set up for fast street or track use being stripped of bumpers and other unnecessaries and having a roll bar and race style controls.

Car looks very good in this view with bumper missing and mount holes filled.  Alfa grill badge is missing, no doubt to save a few grams.  I like the blacked out mesh of the grills.  Rear view mirror is in an unoriginal place.  I like the cartoon dead fish eye X’s. A close look at the front reveals a thick sway bar.

Rocker line trim is missing.  Door fit is pretty good.  Car sits very low in the back.  Late SS style corner marker light is neat on a late Sprint (and may be original).

Arrow points to a tow loop.  Buckles keep the lid closed ‘just in case’.  Isn’t the ‘Sprint’ script supposed to be below the target style badge?  No license plate mounting arrangement.  Dedicated track car?

Darth Maul would be right at home in here.  I prefer a little less intensity in my cockpit while driving so if it was mine I’d tone it down a bit, but I’m not sure how to do that when it’s the inside of the shell and corretly painted body color.

Maybe it’s just too much black for my liking.  Looks to be very well set up and purposeful.  Gauges are super clean which makes me believe the attention to detail on this car is high.

Very simple under the hood, only the absolute necessities.  I like the magnesium protective coating color paint on the head.  A friend has Cromodoras on his GTV in this color.  Note remote oil filter.  Vent covers look like speaker grills.

Another view of the bare-bones appraoch used.  Note there are no tabs at the front of the valve cover or head.  Either they were artfully removed (doubtful) or this is an early engine.  Also note the vent grill from the last picture is missing in this shot.

I think this approach to redoing a Sprint is fairly wise.  I haven’t done a serious cost analysis or anything but I bet it’s 20% cheaper to build a crappy Sprint into a gutted track car than to restore one and the value at the end of the project is similar.  Anyone care to comment on this?

A very similar car

2009 Sprints

2008 Sprints


7 thoughts on “Market 203: Late Sprint hotrod in Monaco RM auction

  1. Dear Matt,
    Check out how cool the Giuliettas look in the snow- perhaps you should run a series of “in the snow” cars!

  2. “… the value at the end of the project is similar”

    Hmm… for some perhaps but I don’t think the “average vintage ALFA buyer” would agree. Let’s see what the market decides.

    • I was thinking of the Bring a Trailer Sprint that sold last year for about $30k, about the price of a decent restored Sprint of the same vintage. I think ‘restored’ is the problem -it means different things to different people. Maybe saying “with work done to a similar standard…”


  3. Usually cars like this end up being racers when the owner finds out the replacement cost of original rubber and weatherstripping. “oh, I guess I’ll make a racer out of it”. It ain’t easy buying the little things to finish a project, if you can find them. By the way, any idea who sells the rubber bumpers for the front bonnet on a Sprint like this? Patrick Hung’s are not the correct ones.

    • Agreed on the ‘make a racer out of it’ comment. Are you talking about the corner hood bump stops on the scuttle? I used some random ones I got from John Norman.


  4. This car sold at RM’s May 1st 2010 sale in Monaco for 22,400 Euros according to their website.
    At the time of the sale according to CNN Money the Euro was at $1.2684 so the result translated to about $28,412 dollars. Stripped race cars are notoriously a tough sell so this should be kept in mind when attempting to track values of stock, correct street cars. Brian

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