Market 202: Rough early Sprint in France

Giulietta Sprint 750BListed as a 1956 in LVA, the leading classic newspaper in France, is this rusty Sprint.  Price of entry is 5000 Euro’s or about $6800.  Without more pictures I would have to say this is pretty ambitious as a project since a Sprint this early in good, though unrestored shape can be had in the mid $20k’s.

It looks to be complete other than the missing metal from the bodywork.  Rims may be the early rolled edge style -can’t really tell in pictures of this resolution.  Advertisement indicates it was an original French delivery car and thus probably has the glass brake fluid reservoir and yellow headlights.  Door gaps are superb here for what it’s worth.

Seats look to have original fabric, gauges are not overly yellowed.  I am tempted to say the mirror is not original.  Column shift is seemingly prevalent in earlier cars.  Radio looks like a Becker. 

Ambitious project -yes indeed, but worth doing?  Maybe, if you are working from the temporary (and altogether very common) insanity we call nostalgia or sentiment.  Regarding the rust, these Sprints are much hardier than their 105 offspring, and as such, while what is seen here may seem bleak, one might be surprised by how solid a lot of it is.    Floors are best done as a unit and trunks are always gone anyway, so are you really that much better off with a less rusty car for more money that still needs these areas replaced?  Tough call.  At this price it’s definitely worth it for parts if the rust repair doesn’t pan out.  For encouragement check this out.

A very similar car.

2009 Sprints

2008 Sprints


2 thoughts on “Market 202: Rough early Sprint in France

  1. Over the last 4 – 5 years, we have seen about the same number of 750b (or Veloce) quality restorations get underway in Europe. Recall that Fast Cars of Cal. has shipped at least two project cars that direction. I think Sprints are often held with higher regard in Europe than US. By and large, Sprints were the competition Giulietta’s in Europe, and in the US that was reverse.

  2. In fact the text does not says its a french original car but that it comes with a french title (carte grise).

    About the french spec cars. I can say that to my knowledge they did not, at that time, came with yellow lights (only the bulbs were yellow). I am a bit surprised also by the glass brake fluid you are talking about. What I see here as different are :
    – the back round red reflecting items
    – at the front the indicator on the front wing. I feel the reflectors were mandatory in France.

    I can also confirm the mirror is not original.

    That said is far more original that the cars you find on the market in France usually.

    Will try to get chassis/engine numbers.



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