Market 201: clean 1600 Spider in Florida

Update 4/26/10:  Car has been sold as of 4/4/10.  I imagine the selling price was a little shy of the asking, perhaps about $26k?

Giulia Spider 10123*373471, 00112*15253. This car is currently listed as for sale on the Alfa BB out of Florida.  Asking price is $28,500 which includes a Pininfarina hard top to be restored and an original Giulia Spider hood.  I would call this restored to very nice driver condition.  Not necessarily original or perfect but attractive and usable.

The money shot for sure, like a mature super model in sunsets orange glow.  Remember that this is what the average person sees before you go and pick the details that are not perfect apart.

Still looking great in a more normal shot.  Paint looks very good as does the trim and lights.  Hood gap at the front could be improved upon.

Sharing the driveway with a sometimes peer 190sl.  Giulia is attractive from this angle as well.  Trunk fit also could use some adjustment.  Once you take the lids and doors off for paint it takes a special touch to get them back into place.

There is a pretty good patch in the floor here.  Other pictures show patches elsewhere done with the same skill.  Not sure how this affects value.  Anyone?

Attention to detail here is commendable. Spin on filter adapter is a nice upgrade.  I see Konis and who is it that has the silver sport springs?

I don’t care for the ‘testarossa’ treatment, but some like it.  Weird plug leads and dig the yellow zip ties.  105 dual carb manifold, headers and the narrow blade Euro fan are sensible.

Wires are different here.  Tidy, above average firewall.  These air filters can come apart and clog a carb causing loss of power.

Door jams look pretty good as do the seats and just about everything else here.  Red interior in a red Spider is too much IMHO -black is just right -without red pin striping that is…

Dash could use some improvement -yellowed gauges (with improper chromed intermediate rings), horn button center and radio blank.  The dash top is coming off at the edges.  Still better than most though!

This car represents the top of the middle condition-wise and is probably the best sort of car to buy as a compromise between usability, originality, finish and performance.  $28,500 worth?  Tough to say but if you were inclined the hard top could reduce that to $26,500 pretty fast if you sold it.

Compares well to this car.

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