Market 200: Original Spider 10104 at Hyman

Giulietta Spider 10104 1495*08888. This car is available right now out of St. Louis Mo. at Hyman Ltd.  Hyman seems to only deal in pretty good cars and their prices are usually fairly reasonable.  This Spider is no exception at $29,500.

I’ve looked at a lot of pictures of cars photographed in this corner.  The paint has some patina, as does the trim and top, but I like this sort of thing.  Makes for a nice car that is not too nice to use.

Trunk lid fits great and door gaps are very nice.  I like this series of tail light.

Interior is clean and presentable, with well broken in seats.  Wood rim Nardi wheel is pretty cool but I think I like the original wheels these had better.

Gauges are pretty well yellowed.  If I bought this car I’d probably spring the $150 a set of repro’s goes for.  Clean and usable interface.

There are a few reasons to paint an engine compartment black -most of them have to do with saving effort and money.  Spiders originally had body color engine compartments.  Not such a big deal, but plan on spending some cash on it when (if) you have the engine out.  Engine and ancillaries look fine.

I like a vin plate picture.  Makes it hard to loose track of the car in the picture files.

Some readers will pick this car apart and say $29,500 is too high, but even if so it’s not by much.  Yes the car has faults, but a buyer with an eye for patina will like this car as much as I do.

2009 Spiders

2008 Spiders


9 thoughts on “Market 200: Original Spider 10104 at Hyman

  1. Is the Hymann car really a 1958? Numbers tell otherwise. (’60?) Combination engine nr 1315…(?) with *08888 doesn’t show in my listings.
    750D has no ventwindows and glovercompartment cover?
    I am no expert but I own a 750D 1957 and the vin plate under the hood clearly states so.
    Anyway : great website, don’t know how you can find the time to keep it up to date.
    Frank van der Vecht, The Netherlands.

  2. Dear Frank,
    Don’t fret- it appears to be a 101 engine in this very nice 10104 car. See also photo of left side of engine in Hyman link.

  3. Matt
    I disagree with you on this one. When I see the “licorice strips” on the chrome trim; the black paint in the engine bay; The Weber carb; the leather upholstery on collapsed foam cushions; the missing rubber seals, etc. around the doors; etc.; etc. … I wonder what else is not quite right.
    The pics look great and that is Hyman’s job as a marketer but … the car is closer to 20K rather than 30K. IMHO.

    • I wont argue because you have a highly developed eye -but mark my words, it will be off the market in a month or two and the new owner will be pretty happy.

      Agreed it warrants an educated inspection though.


  4. $29,500 too high? I guess the are still people out there walking over the strawberry fields! Or hoping they could be! There is no reason whatsoever that this car or any similar period car in similar conditions should go for $30M plus. Vent windows, I owned the 59 750 Veloce for sale in Italy recently featured here with vent windows. That car was and still is a short wheel base, clove compartment door with vent windows. Yes, there are short wheel base cars with vent windows.

    • As I said, there would be disagreements, but watch it disappear from the market.

      I think eBay would see just over 20K for this one.


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