Market 199: Hard work done 750D Spider project

Update 3/16/10: 2 bids, $5101, no sale.  Would have been a bargain at this price.  I’ll have to ask if it’s still available.

Giulietta Spider 750d 1495*06473. This Black Plate car is on eBay right now out of Southern California. Seller is not the owner but I know him through the Alfa world and he’s an upstanding guy and not a car dealer so everything in the description should be taken at face value. Starting bid of $5000 is very reasonable considering the effort required to get a car into this condition and ready for final prep and paint. Sure, lots of little stuff needs doing -just about everything in fact, but none of it looks that bad.

This looks very good. Nose features are well defined and this is without filler. Door fit looks good, hard to say about the hood.

Rear valence looks pretty good, this is the area I’m working on on my SS right now. Gas tank is intact -should be removed, swished out at minimum and painted. Terry at Alfamagic makes very nice gas tank buffer felts, send unit gaskets and gas cap gaskets for reasonable money.

Floors have a lot of little patches -one approach to body repair. Looks like pretty good work from the pictures. It’s come this far, buyer should just finish the disassembly job and fix/finish everything. Floor still needs track platforms welded in, a somewhat challenging project that I will be tackling soon on my SS.

Description: “Transition 1959 750D normale Spider. The vehicle was purchased by a European autobody craftsman for his personal vehicle. The vehicle was stripped to bare metal and all straightening was with the application of sweat, old fashioned metal work and skill. There is NO plastic filler in the vehicle. When found, the front floor panels were rusted. New panels were fabricated and properly installed. The floors have not been undercoated or sealed so the buyer can inspect the repair to their satisfaction. This was the only rust on the vehicle, and the seller believes that this has always been a California car, see black and yellow plates included.


The vehicle was parked years ago, and reportedly has a rod bearing knock. The oil pan and radiator was removed by the previous owner, and the radiator was misplaced. Mario has not attempted to diagnose the mechanical condition. Known missing pieces: Radiator, 1 front signal lens, Windshield glass, tail lite lenses (Lucas), 1 window winder handle. The seat pans and tracks are present and pans are not as bad as some that I have seen. The vehicle has all 4 hubcaps and 5 Borrani steel rims. Under the hood, all appears to be unmolested and as original. Top bows are present, battery tray is solid, gauges are present and in need of restoration. The center rear bumper is dented.

Mario was going to go ahead and repaint the vehicle, it was originally grigio, but I convinced him that the buyer may want to pick his own preference of color.

I have personally seen the vehicle and I have a decades-long history with Alfa Romeos . I can tell you that this car is Exceptionally solid, and Incredibly straight. I would purchase it myself, but am involved in 2 other restorations.

The condition of the 750 series 1300cc engine is unknown. Bid with the understanding that you WILL have to go through all the mechanicals of this vehicle.”

These 750 1300’s are nice little engines -you loose your nerve and shift before they get near self destruct rpm’s. Seller mentions it may have a rod knock. Would make no sense to not just go through it then you are sure it’s healthy (if you know what you are doing). All the right stuff in all the right places in this picture.

Door panels are garbage unless you want to make your own, then they are good templates. Don’t forget to pull the rubber pieces that push the vinyl out toward the winder and latch trims. That dash edge piece is very hard to find -have it packed with care when you pick the car up.

Seat bottom with tracks… an expensive part if you don’t have it.

Admittedly most of the project cars I find are tempting, but a nearly complete matching numbers, Black Plate 750D Spider in Southern California with all the body work done is especially tempting. Once the SS’s are done I’ll consider another project, in the meantime -this might be just the thing for you. Would be great to see this stay in California.

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