Market 198: Giulia SS in Peru

Update 3/16/10: 10 bids, $24,100, apparently sold. Not a bad result for a car halfway around the world from most people who would be interested in it. Any takers here?  Drop me a line.

Giulia SS 10121*380557, 00121*00518. This car is available now out of Peru on eBay. Looks like a nice original car. A lot of people I know have fears of South American cars since a lot of the time they were kept running on no budget, with whatever parts were on hand. While I wouldn’t lay out the same money for this car in an eBay auction as for one in my home town, shipping charges aside, I also wouldn’t discount it out of hand. These were never cheap and therefore never (well, probably not never) used as a truck.

Cute kid. In 20 years he’s going to find this picture and be mad the car is gone. Trim panel fit etc all looks really good. Windshield wipers are doing their own thing.

Some splotches in the corner there. Tail light lens colors seem to be reversed from where they usually are. The way the trunk lid fits I’d guess the trunk seal is dead.

“This left-hand drive example has always been in my family and was partialy restored between 2000 and 2002 by Alfredo Morcia, an specialist in italian engines. The work included the fabrication of hand-made replacement body panels prior to a bare metal repaint. Finished in red with black interior, this beautiful Alfa Romeo comes with the original invoice, photographs of the car during restoration, and the original handbook for spare parts. Offered in good all round condition, the car needs a new painting and some spare parts, like door and interior mirror, hubcaps and rubber seals. The engine is running smoothly, with less than 300 miles after restoration.”

Correct early manifold, clean and tidy. Bertone number looks to be 1810 or 1816. In either case, that would make this an early Giulia -probably about 380555. I don’t have the picture but it has a German market (I think) IGM number. Lots of ties between south America and Germany -so maybe an import when someone moved there.

Basically original. Gauges are yellowed and the dash is no longer body color but I don’t see any major problems. Looks well cared for.

What do you make of something like this? I’ve heard horror stories about shipping cars out of South America. One wants someone they trust implicitly to handle it. Flying to Peru from any of the major areas of interest in a car like this (Japan, the US, Canada, Europe to name a few) is neither cheap nor trivial. My guess is someone in Europe who is well connected will buy this to resell. I’ll keep an eye out for it this summer.

2008 SS’s

2009 SS’s


7 thoughts on “Market 198: Giulia SS in Peru

  1. I actually like this one. (How many SSes, let alone Alfas of any extraction, can there be in Peru?) If it were more of a bargain, it’d be tempting to fly down and drive it back.

  2. Why didn’t this come up when I was in Peru last September? As far as I can remember, I only saw one or two Alfas, and the only one I recall was a US-market Milano.

  3. Drive back and SS from Peru! Let’s see, driving through Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mejico. Colombia and Peru, pay toll to the Sendero Luminoso and the Military; Panama, Malaria and wild monkeys with rabies; Costa Rica, a short brake, but watch out for poisonous salamanders and spiders; El Salvador, there are still disenfranchised guerrilla fighters out there who will take your car away and drive it to the race track in order to relieve some old tension resulting from th last civil war; Guatemala, gangs are very active here and you might want to recruit the help of some of the locals with very sharp machetes, gangs realy fear them; Mejico, mordidas, and more mordidas, watch out for unlicensed Mexican drivers, Mexican police let them walk free but will take you to jail, they can smell money. And lastly, depending where about you cross the US border your car might end up taken apart or confiscated by the US Air Force mistaken for an alien spacecraft. Do you still want to drive back to the US? Take my advice, ship the Dammed car, the worst think that will happen to the car is that they will steal all the badges at customs as a souvenir. My advice is free today, tomorrow, will see.

    • Kind of what I was thinking… adventure of the highest order!

      Aree that shipping, with all it’s problems will be much easier.


  4. Dear Sir,
    I bought the Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale in Peru. I saw the car there and it’s in good condition to restaure. I have another Alfa Romeo, a Giulia 1600 Spider 1964.
    Otavio ( from Brazil )

  5. Have a gt veloce 1967 mint condition originally used in Italy for a couple of years and brought here by the first owner, he left back to Italy three years ago so now is mine. You can still find a few interesting alfas here. Let me know if you are looking for something special.

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