Market 196: Nicely preserved TI in Italy

Giulietta TI 10129*220464.  This car is available right now on  Condition is superbly original and the color combination is spectacular.  At 11,500 Euros or about $15,500 it is at the top of the market for these cars, but I think you’ll agree it deserves it once you look carefully at the pictures.  Car is listed as being in Caltagirone -must be near Padua judging by the plates.

Great color!  Trim and hood fit is great.  Everything has a nice even patina.  Too bad it’s $2000 worth of transport away.

Admit it -great looking car.  Everything set up as Satta intended all those years ago.

Doors fit pretty good.  Ride is set for fully laden country roads.

Stunningly original and well cared for.  These cars were not particularly special when new -a somewhat expensive (compared to a Fiat) family mover, and to find one that was treated this kindly is difficult.

Every Alfa has a wire hanging down from the upper left corner of the trunk -well, my SS doesn’t, but that’s becasue the whole wiring harness is stuffed in behing the dash.  Nice trunk too!

Ditto comments from passenger side.

Appears to be the original wool upholstery.  Is it slightly pink or is the sun setting on the photo shoot?

Column shift would be fun.  Dash on these cars is really cool with the little tach next to the horizontal speedometer.  Again, very nicely cared for. 

I wonder if this would look as good in person.  I bet so.  These steering wheels are going for big money in good shape these days as more Giuliettas get restored to original.

There is some cleaning to do but all in all it looks utterly original down to the fuel lines, plug wires and decals.

I guess this is the paper work  you get when you buy it.

I admit, I’m a little Giulietta Sedan crazy right now, and seeing one in this color combo is only making it worse.  I think maybe these cars are slightly overpriced if so many really good ones are on the market.  I guess that means I can wait for the right one to come along.


9 thoughts on “Market 196: Nicely preserved TI in Italy

    • You got the bank roll, get in there and buy that thing!

      I deliberately make those kind of mistakes to attract comments ;)


  1. Have you checked out the supposed light blue Spider Veloce on Ebay? Not much info and not many bids. Kinda suspicious me thinks.


    • I requested additional pictures etc. Was hoping it would be tomorrows topic. I’ll report on it in any case.


  2. Luigi (the seller) claims garage kept with 88,000 km / 55,000 miles in 47 years … that’s believable; how far are you likely to drive on an island?
    Apart from the upholstery stains and the (inevitable) dust on the mechanicals it looks pristine.
    Since the registration document is dated January 3, 1963, this 1962 TI is a one-owner car.
    Not an unrealistic price for its condition.

  3. I’ll be in Sicily (flying in/out of Catania) mid-May, but even being that close and possibly having the opportunity to inspect the car and get it to a port, I’m a bit scared by the thought of the logistics and expense it would take land this car back in the States. Shipping cars from Italy is a PITA–I know, as I’ve done it nine times!–and, unless you’ve got an on-the-ground local to watch after things, it’s an expensive proposition at best and risky at worst. I actually had one of those nine cars stolen at the port (Livorno, in that case), presumably by the shipping company, although that was never proven. Discussions with a local attorney proved futile: I was told it would take a $15k retainer just to open the case, and the Italian legal system is slanted heavily towards prosecuting violent crimes rather than recovering stolen property. As the vehicle (a BMW 735i) was only worth about $20k at the time, I forfeited everything. My guess is Sicily is potentially even more problematic than the mainland. Caveat emptor.

    • Wow, nice to hear from someone who has actually done the deed.

      How about buy it, drive it around on your trip then to a Dutch or German port and ship it from there.


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