Market 194: Object of desire: Giulietta TI Corsa

Giulietta TI 10129*237039This car has been around for sale for about a year and coincidentally (I didn’t start this as a market, but I guess it is) was just relisted on Anamera for 13,000 Euro or about $17,600 at time of writing.  Fit and finish is just right for a street/track car and it looks to be street registered.

The Giulietta TI was born when a Sprint normale engine was fitted to a Giulietta Berlina and some details changed -the addition of a tach for example.  At the 1957 Coup Des Alpes a team of 3 TI’s ran and did very well.  I like the bumper delete and single leather hood latch.

This is an excellent example of not going overboard with race prep.  The car still looks like its charming old self, but purposeful at the same time.  Like a retired athelete who has kept in shape and still occasionally competes for fun.

BO is probably Bologna.  Again bumper delete is cool.  Low profile exhaust exit is a nice touch -no big dual tip Anza with a hairy chest here.

Lean, low and tough.  Road and track drove one of these back in the day and declared it a revelation in small sedan driving.  Wheels fill the wheel wells perfectly.  Door gaps and all look excellent.

A fine detail shot, showing off the superb fit and shine of the brightwork.

Cool mirror!

I think this is the same center grill as a 101 Sprint.  Headlight rings are remeniscent of those on an SS.

Genuine Autodelta?  I can’t say, but if I had this car in this state of prep I’d throw one of these on there too.  There are a lot of pictures of official looking documents in the advertisement.  Maybe they say it is the real deal.

Door panels are cool.  Steering wheel is a lot better than the usual Giulietta set up for track.  Dash panel is a neat touch.  Seats are ugly, but doubtless necessary to provide support and safety.

A better look at that dash add-on.  6400 rpm redline?  Cool.

That is the original carb if I’m not mistaken.  I wonder if it has the two independant barrels going into a divided plenum set up.  GTA style cap is cool.  Would be interesting to know what other, if any, mods were done to the engine.

Very clean down there.  Note practical use of mechanical pump base as blank off.

Springs shocks tie-rods, oh my.  Koni yellows no doubt.

This is cool stuff.  I am really excited about these cars lately after a reader offered one to me last month.  We didn’t see eye to eye on the value, but if experience is justification for optimism, we may yet find a number that works for both of us.  Of all of them I have seen this here Corsa is the coolest.


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