Market 193: An abnormale Sprint in South Africa

Giulietta Sprint 10102*161329.  This 1961 Sprint is available now out of South Africa.  A familiar story, it has been in good-intentioned hands since the mid-1970’s, seeing one owner spend 20 years on disassembly and probably sporadic attempts at little tasks before selling in 1994 to the current owner who got it into the shape you see here.  There is a lot of unclear language surrounding the price so I’m just going to go with the 11,820 Euro quote which is $16,000 at time of writing.  A reasonable asking price which reflects the realities of transport.  Is there no South African market for this now that Greig has filled his garage?  Time to build a bigger garage.

This looks really good so far though a little dusty.  This red is a lot like the shade found on earlier 6C and 8C’s, a bloodier, more serious red than the bright Alfa red of the mid fifties.  Hood fits great as do grills and lights.  I dig the driving lights.  One wiper missing.

Purposefully set ride height.  Hopefully tightly sprung to help a driver exploit the fun that is a 1750 in a light weight car.  Bodywork in this picture looks good.

No rear bumper, a Euro license plate holder, chrome reflector housings and a seemingly slightly ajar door.  There is rust repair to doors, rockers etc described in the details of the car.  Hopefully it was all well done.

“VIN: AR161329 Engine No.: AR0054878419

Acquired by the previous owner during the mid-70’s. Partially stripped for restoration but never completed. Acquired by current owner in 1994 and car then was stored for the next 8-years.

Semi restoration undertaken by current owner since 2002

• body had rust in floor-pan, boot floor, door bottoms, bulkhead and sills; new sills fitted and rust removed elsewhere
• car stripped to bare metal and repainted
• leather seats and new carpets
• Nardi wood-rim steering wheel
• brake cylinders re-sleeved; drums skimmed and new linings
• new propshaft
• front suspension removed and re-bushed
• all bright-work stripped and re-chromed
• new window rubbers, channels etc.
• 1300 engine blew up in 2003 and then fitted with 1750 motor completely overhauled and five speed gearbox
• new stainless steel exhaust
• new shocks
• new tyres
• the rear bumper not fitted – see photographs – but comes with the car

This car was not clean or polished and had been standing in the rain outside a workshop on the day that I photographed her in January 2009. The car is intrinsically very good and it would not take a whole bunch of money to make her in to a car that anyone would be proud of.”

Egad -what are those seats all about, and that dash top??  Rear view mirror placement is a little unnerving.  I don’t mind the steeringwheel, but the beige-out is not doing it for me.

Gauge facia is supposed to be black -wrinkle finish as a restoration choice is not uncommon, but originally just matte black.  In body color something is lost.  Yes, that dash top needs immediate attention.  I don’t know if I could even test drive this car with that on there.  On the bright side, facia repaint and dash top remediation are both easy and cheap.

Oh wow.  In the interest of not generating too much land fill I think the carpets could be saved.  What goes with beige carpets?  Black, possibly dark brown and err, well not much.

On the outside the car is pretty decent.  The addition of a 1750 (if well done) means it’s startlingly fast and fun to drive if the suspension is set up reasonably well.  The work done to the brightwork and all means it can be made to really shine.  I admit the interior is not for everyone -probably less than .05% of people in the market for a Sprint, but is at least usable until some Sprint seats can be sourced, and at that point $1000 would correct most of the faults.  So whats the problem?  Read the second to last sentence of the description quoted above.  Reminds me of that advert for a 159 or some such where the picture of the car across the yard is taken from inside the house through a window. 

2009 Sprints

2008 Sprints


2 thoughts on “Market 193: An abnormale Sprint in South Africa

  1. Be careful! Peter Jackson is the seller but not the owner. He means trouble and I almost went into deep buying this car. Luckily I was warned by someone I know in RSA (and who knows P.J)
    So do not buy the car!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank,

      I try not to post negative comments w/out the reasons behind them. In my experience classic car dealers who are upstanding and honest are the exception so you have to base everything on the car. I am more concerned with what’s the matter with the car?


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