Market 192: A South African RHD Giulietta TI in Germany

Giulietta TI GD CKD 10109. This right hand drive sedan, originally delivered to South Africa is available right now from Atlantic Auto GmbH for 8950 Euro’s or about $12,200 at time of writing.  German roadworthiness standards are some of the highest in the world so you can bet this is a good car.  Why so many RHD Giulietta sedans lately?  Wierd.

I like this washed out yellow.  A lot of the 50’s Fiats and such are this color when seen in street scenes in movies from the late 50’s early 60’s.  These are my least favorite grills for the Giulietta Sedans but from where I sit, I’d deal with any Giulietta sedan that came my way for a reasonable price -would be fun to use as a daily driver for a while.

All the usual: panel fit is great, trim and bright-work is straight and matches the patina of the car.  An attractive car.

I’m not sure why but Europeans seem to understand how seats in cars from this era should look -lower cushions have a great shape.  The red with yellow might be a bit much, but I could live with it.  Nice carpets, steeringwheel, dash etc.

That’s the mother of all incorrect air cleaners -looks like something you’d find on an American V8.  Engine is probably a late 1300 or 1600 since it has the bolts in the front of the valve cover and head.  Tidy and purposeful under here.

Is that number the VIN?  If so Fusi has it all wrong for these cars too.  Is it creme or yellow or somwewhere in between, like eggy vanilla ice cream?

I think these cars are going to have their day in the US before too long -not that they are going to get expensive, but that they are going to start migrating here.  Why do I think this?  Alfa owners are an acquisitive bunch for the most part.  Look at me with a Sprint, SS’s and what-all.  Giulia Supers and TI’s have been done -hardly a day goes by that I don’t see one.  Giuliettas and 101 Giulias are popular and people like to be different.  The answer?  Lay out $10,000 and bring a clean Giulietta Berlina or TI over from Europe.  I know I would because everyone I know who has is smitten by these little cars.  I bet this car could be had for $10,000.


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