Bodywork 14: Somewhere in the early part of the middle

I have to fess up.  I started this blog post yesterday and then chickened out and stopped working on it because I felt a little embarassed by the quality of my work.  I feel like the rust repair is going okay, the metal is responding, but the finished product looks pretty marginal.  Good enough -yes, but I sort of imagined some unknown talent taking over and this coming out nicely.  I am aware that this is sort of how these things go, and skill development takes time but it’s hard to not get discouraged.  Oh well.  Good enough indeed.

Picking up where I left off last time.  Bumper mount recesses and tubes are removed and cutouts for back up lights are, well, cut out.  It’s reassuring to know that people exist who can undo all my efforts and make it right if someone wanted it so and money was available.

All you do is cut out a little piece of metal, bend it over something on hand with the right shape, make some adjustments with pliers, use a magnet to hold it in place then tack it.   It can be tapped into shape after tacking and when its right you play connect the dots with little welds until it’s one continuous weld. 

I was waiting for a rocker patch panel I bought to cut up and use part of to do this repair but I had an idea to try hammering the shape out.  I worked okay.    It’s hard to weld the lower surface of this.  I’m seeing the benefit of a rotisserie.  Grinding the welds down takes a long time and in many cases I end up blowing through and have to redo some parts of the weld.  So it goes.

A little weld through primer to protect the metal until I finish this area up.  Actually looks pretty good in person.

And the overall.  It looks rough but shouldn’t require much filler to hide the weld seams and smooth it all out.  

This looks like a quick days work but actually took me 8 hours, so that means 805 to go.  I wonder if 1000 hours is enough time to get this done?

The last installment.

The first installment


4 thoughts on “Bodywork 14: Somewhere in the early part of the middle

  1. Not to diminish your right to feel discouraged Matt, but time to give a shout-out of support to Marco in Maderia- big time storms out there, I hope you’re A-OK! It seems we all sometimes can get discouraged!

  2. I’m impressed you’re this far along with 800 hrs. left in your budget. Even if it doesn’t come out Pebble Beach perfect, you’ll have it back on the road, which is much more than the previous how many owners can say?

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