Market 191: Giulia SS in France

This RHD Giulia SS is available right now out of France for 29,500 Euro’s or $39,700 at time of writing.  I’m not certain, but looking at the pictures I think this is the car that Alfa workshop in the UK has on their web site.  How many Bluette right hand drive SS’s can there be?  If anyone knows the VIN I’d be happy to add it to my register.

This is a great color for a Sprint Speciale -if I ever get a Giulia SS I’ll paint it this color.    All you can really tell from pictures of this low resolution is that it’s an SS and it looks great from far away.

Note GB sticker.  Panel fit and shine are very good.  I want mine on the road now!

Dash, wheel and gauges look very good.  I’m not sure how I feel about the color of these seats.  I think light gray or tan would have been original.  I wonder about the hanging rear view mirror.  Elmar wondered about the windscreen washer pump and plumbing routing in RHD cars.

This car looks like a decent buy -especially at European prices.  While most people who want an SS would settle for a RHD car if everything else was acceptible, I wouldn’t be surprised if a British buyer snapped this up.

2008 SS market

2009 SS market


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