Market 189: Early Sprint project 750B 01996 in Italy

Giulietta Sprint 750B 01996 is available right now on Italian eBay out of Padua Italy.  While incomplete, it looks like a good, albeit expensive start for someone looking for an early car.  I’ll be in the market for one when the SS is done -but that may be a while.

Not exactly straight and ready for paint, the drivers side lower grill area looks to be pushed in a little.  Dig the string holding the glass in place.  Must have been shipped recently.

Odd that the door didn’t get the green primer treatment when the body did.  Maybe someone ran out of steam mid-restoration…

The backside has some wrinkly metal to deal with.  Trunk lid, like the door, didn’t get painted with the rest of the car -hopefully it’s original to the car.  More window string.

Someone eventually will get the joyous task of removing the primer overspray from the steering units, suspension, brake-lines throttle linkage and lots more.  Good times.

The numbers…

Floors don’t look bad at all.  Steering wheel is incorrect.  Steering column indicates the car is from a country with the high beam switch on the stalk (non-US).

Parts.  Door panels don’t look too bad -car was probably originally white if it had this color interior. 

“ALFA ROMEO – Giulietta Sprint 1300 to 1 ° series 1956 … 1000 Miles sign up.

With documents.

Rarity ‘: One of the first 2000 copies.

Healthy chassis, body sheet metal sound already so unprofessional, to be reviewed.

Not complete: included in the original instruments km with good graphics, license plate light, door handles, headlights, heating, panels, logos bertone originals, some written, profiles, chrome, etc. … see photos

Engine 1300 is incorrect (and a Giulia). Change, differential, brakes and so are his originals.
Chances of finding a correct and consistent engine from my acquaintances.


Shown in Padua”

I don’t know if the value is there yet for a car like this to be this expensive, but like the subject of market 185, it’s probably a good candidate to move all the parts from a  rusty complete runner to.

2009 Sprints

2008 Sprints


4 thoughts on “Market 189: Early Sprint project 750B 01996 in Italy

  1. Maybe camera distorion, but the sheet metal form where the tail lights mount look a like late 750/101 assemblies would match fit.

      • I can’t say. With earlier cars, the US cars typically have the high beam switch on the floor. Maybe they changed the US law at some point -my TI had it on the column. I’ll look through the pictures. Of course your car has a funky steering wheel, so maybe the column is from a Mercury Meteor.


  2. ” Steering column indicates the car is from a country with the high beam switch on the stalk (non-US).”

    What’s the story here? My (1600) sprint has the switch on the stalk, and is a US model. Did this vary from 750 to 101 to 1600?

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