Market 152: Bargain Interim Sprint project

Update 12/28/10: You can follow Bob’s restoration on the Alfa BB. Here are a few pictures I lifted.

It takes a lot of persistence (or check writing capabilities) to get it to this state.

I like the rotisserie -makes the stripping of the body a lot easier.

Update 2/10/10: 15 bibbers fought it out and a winner emerged paying $9000 for this car.  Reserve was met and sale is hopefully final.  Kind of sad when a car has to change hands so many times to find a loving home- of course it could be on the boat to Belgium for another mark up.  So it goes.

Update 12/23/09: Will a $9850 high bid buy it?  Nope.  Where do we go from here?

Update 12/14/09: This car is back on eBay. There are extensive pictures and it does look like a pretty fair project, as I said earlier, it’s a shame an enthusiast looking for a Sprint didn’t snap this up when it was first listed out of Santa Barbara for $7500. The resale tax means this car has to make about $9000 to just break even for the current owner who has towing, clean up and eBay listing fees to recoup.

Update 10/20/09: 21 bids, $8200, reserve not met? I expect we will be seeing more from this car. I thought $7500 was a reasonable price and an enthusiast could have gotten it going and cleaned it up without ending up too underwater in it. If I were selling this I would put a few hours into it and make it run before relisting it. Maybe they would trade for my 69 GTV…

Update 10/12/09: Now on eBay. Someone smelled a chance to make a few thousand dollars. Still a good deal if it’s as good as it looks.

Update: Oops, I guess I should have seen if this was still available. Apparently it has been sold and has packed its bags in anticipation of a new life.

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*08631, 1315*07393. This car is has been available for a while as the least valuable in a package deal including two first series small headlight, column shift Sprints. The Ventura CA based seller has broken up the family and this car is now listed casually around the internet, check it out at the Alfa BB where the asking price is $7500 These early 750/101 transition cars have a lot of character and are great drivers when set up well.

2980995565_f068d76445_oLooks like a runner/driver just parked in the shade, waiting to do service as a errand runner. I guess the front ride height does suggest the lack of an engine. There is a small dent in the drivers side grill and the paint is definitely dead, but I’d happily drive this as is. I wouldn’t even put hubcaps on it.

2981852658_5db169944c_oBetween this and the picture above nearly all the trim can be identified. There is not much for this series of Sprint that is hard to get if you know where to look. Trunk lid and drivers door fit well. US spec, all red tail lights seem to be in good shape. Two Giuliettas in the background.

2980996317_7a31137a44_oBorrani wheel, no rust where the lip under the bumper joins wiht the body, reflector housing installed, the little rubber bumper end buffer in place and not covered in overspray. I’m going to guess this was a well cared for car not too far in the past.

2980996441_bfeb99f501_oEven the rubber mount and little plastic jewel at the end of the airplane is present. Bumper needs a rechrome. Off the road since ’71? Hard to believe.

2980996557_615fb51de7_oRust is a funny thing, even the lightest surface rust looks horrible in a picture. All that awful looking orange rust you see here is normal minor surface rust. Note open rockers, they closed these some time in 1959/60. The open rockers tend to resist rust pretty well since they can’t trap water. Not so the later closed ones.

2980996203_cf1dbee4d5_oAnother view of the rockers, this is the passenger side, looking back to front. There is a Sprint in the background. That circle in the floor is probably where a big fender washer backed a seatbelt bolt.

2981851744_1c4b5698c1_oFloors look solid, steering wheel looks decent, drivers door panel looks original and acceptible. It all needs work but it seems to be in usable shape. I believe this floor is the tunnel case trans low tunnel type.

2981852156_dc75ff6056_oThe right seats with almost salvageable covers. I think I see the hint of seat tracks. The gray interior is unusual and charming. Probably a bluette car originally.

2981851816_858c686a00_oThis is how an original door panel should look -well, not all tired and abused, but this shape and with these details.

2981852442_e4c7b3f4f4_oYou know I like the numbers. That looks like bluette to me . A little rubbing with some 3M hand glaze would say for sure.

2981000333_13641e6543_oThe question mark. It does match the car and I do see all the major components besides a crank, but who knows how much of it is usable? Assume the worst, which in my experience is not all that bad. Note oil pan is correct steel 750 normale unit and valve cover doesn’t have the cross brace at the back that would be near the firewall.

Alright kids, this is it. You wanted a sound, nearly complete Sprint project? You wanted a Sprint you could do some mechanical work to then drive around? Here it is.

Similar car.

Another similar car.

What it could be if you went all rally car on it.

What it could be if you restored it.


8 thoughts on “Market 152: Bargain Interim Sprint project

  1. SOLD already to ‘Randy’ on the AlfaBB. Maybe you should grab one of the two early Sprints he has and, you know, sell your Sprint. :)

  2. looks like fast cars of california got their wallet and magic camera out, and put it on ebay… let’s see how much they get for it

    • I talked to the $7500 seller and he says Mike (Fastcars) is representing the new owner, who incidentally swore up and down it was their dream car to restore.


      PS, 69 GTV has a 2 liter in it from an Alfetta GTV. No wonder it is so torquey.

  3. On ebay again and it’s going to finally sell. Reserve has been met at $8695. Weird that a deal at the $9850 wasn’t worked out.

  4. Well, the car is mixed in its reviews. The body is more solid than I expected. Only the floor behind driver’s seat needs replacement. The rear fender panels will need to be replaced as well. Few parts are missing or unrestorable. I’ll be able to tell better next week when I get it on the rotisserie.
    The engine is bad news, but not a killer. No flywheel, clutch, drive shaft, center transmission mount, pistons, rods, etc. But the block and head look like they can be refurbed ok. Will keep you posted.

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