Bodywork 11: extreme rust encapsulator

I got to the shop early this morning to continue some work I started Friday after work-painting most of the inside of the front end with rust encapsulating chassis paint.  I finished wire-wheeling all the crud and everything off the engine compartment surfaces, the insides of the fenders etc and it had been sitting for about a week and surface rust had begun to form so it was time to seal it.  Check it out.

Beginning at the end -this is what it looked like when I left today.  The light gray is self etching zinc oxide primer designed to inhibit rust.  The black is Eastwood rust encapsulating chassis paint.  Both are aromatic to put it mildly.

This is what it looked like when I showed up this morning.  It takes a surprising long time to paint this with a 1 inch wide brush -time drawn out by the awkward contortions I have to do to get at every little area.  Time drawn out by the stink of the paint.

This looks alright to me.  A coat of chassis paint has to go over this, but it is spray on, so it wont be bad.  I still need to clean under the floors -should have done it when the floors were out, oh well.  Also need to clean out in the pocket the engine mount comes through -lots of dirt still in there.

Looking down the tunnel.  Anyone have the piece the center support mounts to?  I assume it is welded to the floor.

Switching gears after two hours of painting with a brush.  Appropriate cardboard for a template.

I had to melt the body solder out of the rocker so I could weld it, but when it all came out there was so little left I decided to cut it out and start from scratch.  Still trying to figure out what to do.  Anyone?

How safe am I?  Glasses keep evil out of my eyes, respirator filters out the larger bits of evil and ear protection reduces the decibels of evil by about 50.  Hood keeps crud out of my hair a little.  You get used to it.

Well, the lead taking the rocker with it was a disappointment, but I will figure out something.  I have to admit, seeing the engine compartment as it looks in the first picture really got me excited.  Just think, in 825 more hours I might be able to drive this thing!


6 thoughts on “Bodywork 11: extreme rust encapsulator

  1. Ah, the Darth Vader point in chassis repair… Fumes from Hell, flames sparks dust and noise! You will remember this fondly when driving as fast as is safe at some sunny future date. Relax and may the force be with you.

  2. I’ve been down this same road with my Sprint’s underbelly. Just make sure the painters don’t overspray all your nice blacky chassis work. Or you can wait til the paint is done to put that final coat on the underside. I should have.


    • Frank,

      The black you see is just a rust inhibitor/encapsulator like POR15. I have to paint over it and plan to after the car is on paint. I’m the painter, so I’ll remind myself when it’s time.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I find it mildly amusing that at the end of each installment the estimated time-to-completion grows by a few hours–the auto-restoration equivalent of an artist’s vanishing horizon!

    I recall many years ago painting my ’72 240Z with
    DuPont Imron catalyzed polyurethane paint…without a respirator! That was back in the days when that stuff didn’t hurt you. I probably only lost about 10 IQ points in the process.

    Next time you’re all safed-up you might consider robbing your local bank to help finance the resto.

    Looks great, Matt; keep us all updated!

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