Market 185: Sprint 07448 project -most pictures ever!

Update 2/16/10: 27 bidders pushed the price to $1575.  Reasonable considering the lack of rust and engine/suspension pieces intact.  I bet it ends up a parts car this time around.  Anyone here buy it?

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*07448. This project is on eBay out of El Paso Texas right now.  The price as I write this is $203 and by the looks of things it might stay sub-$1000.  This car was probably a Willys-Overland assembled car as it is said to have spent its whole life in Mexico.  What you see is what you get.  And at close to 150 pictures, there is lots to see!

This is how they look.  Wrinkled, uneven and, well, just abused.  Shouldn’t be too hard to tap this back out to right.

The front end rides fairly high for a car with an engine.  Probably has shocks out of who knows what -that’s how you keep a car on the road in Mexico for 50 years.  Body really doesn’t look too bad.

That rust in the corner looks worse than it is.  Back end is remarkably straight and the trunk fits well.  I have this image of this car running around some small town in Mexico looking EXACTLY like this, with a guy driving it while sitting on a milk crate.

Trunk floor is not bad.  Trunk prop -along with every other piece of trim, is missing.

I spent some time looking at the engine pictures and I don’t see any reason (disconnected stuff) why it shouldn’t run.  Looking at the rest of it, I don’t see any reason why it should.  I think a balanced universe demands that it run.

Well done taking the time to reveal the vin number.Someone somewhere would be getting all excited if there was an ‘E’ in here.  Nice overspray don’t you think?

For the numbers geeks.

Here’s a new one.  Anyone know anything about this?

For some reason the dash top is very rusty.  The rest of the car is just surface rust but the top is like 1/3 gone.  I bet it was in the perpetual puddle beside the hose the bodyshop guys washed their hands at and just flowed away molecule by molecule.  Wheel and gauges don’t look too bad.

Floors are pretty good -no really, look closely.

Proof of previous statement is this view of the underside of the drivers side floor area.  I see the clutch actuation, or is it e-brake rod.  Car still has a tunnel case transmission.

What are we to make of a car like this?  You can’t really restore it because it’s missing ALL the trim.  It’s not a parts car because, well, it’s missing most of the parts people want and besides, it’s not rusty.  If I had a 101 bodied 750B that was a complete runner but unrestorably rusty I would buy this car, paint it and transfer all the parts from the rusty car to it.  Phew, so glad I don’t have a rusty 101 bodied 750B.  For less than a thousand bucks it’s worth it for some Alfisti to buy and throw a tarp over in their garage just in case that rusty parts car shows up.  Ben?  Lionel?  You guys are inTexas, how about saving this thing!

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