Market 162: Another Spider slips through the cracks

Update 2/2/10: 3 months, $800 worth of shipping, a $125 detail job and $75 worth of title transfer and this car is back on eBay, now out of Florida. The opening bid of $28,500 represents a hefty profit of $13,500 if my estimates are good, and if you buy it now for $39,800, the seller can take a few months off. I’ve said it before -I’m in the wrong business.

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*373358. This Spider sold on eBay recently for $14,000. Based on the uninspired auction description it sounds like the seller inherited the car and never thought or did much with it.

spider 373358 frontThis car looks really good. The trim has a good shine, as does the paint, and the curves are all going the right way. Someone took good care of this car at some point.

spider 373358 sideFrom the side it’s still a good looking specimen. I haven’t seen white stripe tires in a while!

Auction text reads: “This is a 1963 Alfa Romeo Convertible 76000 miles We have paper work that says the engine was rebuilt at 68000 miles
They call this car an alfa romeo 1600 giulia spider 1600 the car has sat for many years but started up easily has a 5 speed manual transmission , comes with extra transmission
Front brakes were changed to disk brakes but all original front brake parts were kept drum type with 3 wheel cylinders
There is a box with spare parts to numerous to mention like rear brake light come some windshield chrome etc.
This car was driven daily in good weather back in the 80’s we received it and it has sat ever since 2003
The photos say the rest if you have questions please call or email 724 201 9069 Shawna or Ron The chrome has some pitting but all solid no rust a ding on the trunk where the paint is chipped Refer to pictures also driver side door need adjusting as you must lift a little to close
We are willing to entertain best offers but please be reasonable as we will not respond to rediculous offers serous inquires only. A $1000.00 no refundable deposit comes to us with the winning bid . cash or certified bank check when you come to pick it up.”

spider 373358 backNice red paint, good trunk fit. Top is even pretty nice.

spider 373358 detailWeird that a car this nice would get such an ambivalent auction.

spider 373358 interior

‘m never a fan of two tone like this but the presence of seats and seat tracks that are correct is a big deal. I think the steering wheel has a cover, which could be hiding something. All in all, not too bad.

Looking at the pictures, if it can be made roadworthy without much work someone got a decent deal.


2 thoughts on “Market 162: Another Spider slips through the cracks

  1. With respect,if you really think this car is that good, I would suggest you take the rose colored glasses off. Take a good look at the e-bay photo’s. Looks like an incorrect trunk floor welded in, Mickey Mouse carpets, missing spare and hold down bracket. At best a starting point for a restoration, in my opinion.

    • Ian,

      Personally I find it too much touched in the wrong way so no, I don’t think this car is that good. At $14000 it’s pretty good compared to other $14K cars. At the current asking… not so much. There are plenty of people who would be ecstatic to have a car like this, and plenty like you who know exactly what they are looking at and couldn’t get a good nights sleep until everything was restored such that Satta himself would be reduced to tears. If it fell in my lap I’d commute in it until it broke then sell it, buy a 750D and restore that.



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