Market #2: Giulietta SS project 00237

Update 2/1/10: This is a detail of writing market reports that I hadn’t really anticipated.  An update from the purchaser of a car with some progress pictures.  This car originally sold in May of 2008 and the owner has just gotten it back from the media blasters.  Makes me think I should get mine blasted.  Very cool!

I think I need a rotisserie.   The rockers look very good.

An angle you don’t encounter very often.

It would be awesome to have access to the under side of your project like this.  Okay, I do need a rotisserie.

Below is the original Market Report from May 1, 2008.

1961 Giulietta Sprint Speciale AR10120-00237, engine number 00121-01901.On eBay ending 2/28/08. A fairly straight forward restoration project as far as SS’s go. Engine is a non-original 1600 Veloce unit likely from an SS, an acceptable upgrade, but a correct 00120 1300 Veloce unit would have to be found to make it a top dollar car. Rear end looks to have been bumped fairly well, not an easy fix considering the complicated curves back there. The 25 year collection of new and used parts included in this sale makes this a solid deal in my opinion. Auction was ended early at $14,600. Rumor has it an off auction offer of $28,000 was accepted. A good deal? Time will tell.

Straight and complete. One wonders how such a beautiful car could have been so harshly treated that it ended up looking like this

Lots of work to do on this rear panel. I like how the tail lights point this way and that.

Floors look good. I like the layout of the Giulietta dash, with the simple glove box opening below the control knobs and the gauges radially positioned around the steering column.

Door panel may well clean up and be use-able if one was going for the original patina look.

I’d be tempted to wet sand the car to see how the original paint comes out and if it looked good, maybe do some touch-ups and roll with it.

I can see at least $3000 worth of stuff in the picture above. I could sure use a set of those extra tail lights!

I am always amazed at how good a car like this can look with a proper sympathetic going over. These days with prices for restored cars starting at $60,000 and quickly going up, I’m sure this car will be stripped completely and fully restored.


1 thought on “Market #2: Giulietta SS project 00237

  1. Hi can anyone help me with photos of this car on the spit, or any other good pic’s of ss cars?
    I have just bought one with bad rust as per usual, and am not fully up on the ss, I have a 101 spider that i know every nut and bolt on it but need some help with pic’s
    of the ss

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