Support your Giulietta Blogger: Buy a T-Shirt!

Update 1/29/10: I have a hand full of XL and 2XL’s left in both colors if anyone is interested.  $20 each plus shipping.

Update 11/1/09: T-shirts are in the house!  I’ll be contacting everyone and figuring out shipping over the next few days.  I am sold out of small and XXL, but there are a few of the rest available.

Update 10/27/09: My goal of 50% presale has been accomplished with one prepay (Thanks Tom!) and the order has been placed for the first batch of shirts. I have exactly 22 shirts left to sell so if you didn’t contact me to let me know you wanted one, don’t hesistate, they will be disappearing fast!

9/26/09: You will all (I hope) be happy to hear that after a year of fooling around, the giuliettas dot com T-shirt design has been finalized and is ready to go to the screener. The design is inspired by a 1960’s Alfa advertisement entitled “Special Sale plans for foreign tourists” which explained how you could travel to Italy to pick up your new Alfa, drive it around Italy/Europe while you are there then ship it home.
giuliettasdotcomVery graphic in that 60’s style. Davin did a great job don’t you think?
The Design will be printed on the front of either a dark blue or dark brown shirt which will be available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. If you want one and are outside the size range stated above, let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. Supplies will be very limited (-less than 50!) unless this is a huge hit, so send me an email at: sprints at giuliettas dot com with your size requirement to reserve yours today.

giuliettasdotcommTo give you an idea of how they will look.

How does $22 plus shipping sound?


20 thoughts on “Support your Giulietta Blogger: Buy a T-Shirt!

  1. Master Designer,
    Brown, offcenter logo as shown, what do you think M or L ? Did your talented sweetheart design this ?
    Glad to support this blog, I have a daily dose of fun here.

  2. Please put me down for a Blue off center in XXL if you have it. Send me a direct e-mail and we can figure out how i can get it… i am in your area.


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