Market 183: 10103 Spider kit 169178

Update 2/11/10: Auction ended with no bids.  Not surprising considering the lack of pictures of the parts.  I’d rewrite the auction, reconsider the pictures, include an inventory and try again.

Giulietta Spider 10103*169178. This car, with its very odd selection of pictures is on eBay right now with an opening bid of $4995.  It is pretty far apart and none of the parts are pictured, but the shell looks good, with only a little surface rust accenting the bright blue paint.  It’s amazing how many Spiders there are in this condition!

Looks about right.  Floors are solid and the hard to find lower seat tracks are present.  Steering wheel is without cracks.  Good starting point for a thousand hour trek.

Small holes will appear if this is media blasted so I advise against it.  Wheels, brakes and suspension look to be undisturbed and account for a lot of the riff-raff you end up with in boxes when you really take the car apart.  The fact that it is a roller makes it much easier to ship.

Yes, some surface rust is seen here that would probably lead to a lot of little holes if blasted.  Seller states there is a rust hole in the trunk.  Rest assured it is under the battery tray.

They even stripped the firewall.  Originally white?  I think the brake fluid junction is still dangling below the steering column.

The vin and the goo you have to remove to restore it.

There are about 50 pictures I would want to see of this car before I considered bidding.  Money is about right for a nearly complete disassembled roller.  Look for it on eBay out of Europe in 4 months.  No, really.

2009 Spider Market review.

2008 Spider Market review.


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