Market 154: Another Spider roller, this time a 101

Update 1/27/10: Well wonder no more, this car is now on Italian eBay for 8900 Euros or $12,478 at time of writing.  I guess a trip across the Atlantic and the addition of a mystery 750 engine adds $9500.  I’m in the wrong business.

Update 10/20/09: 11 bids got this thing to $3100. Not bad for a rolling shell. The lack of rust had me thinking $4000. I wonder where it is headed?

Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*10862. This car is on eBay right now out of Livorna New York.  There are at least 2 eBay sellers that regularly post vintage Alfa parts for sale form this town.  This car is pretty similar body-wise to the subject of Market 153, but doesn’t come with much in the way of parts if they’re not seen in the pictures and attached to the car.

spider 10862 noseLooks about average really for one of these that has been off the road for ever and picked over by vultures during that time.  Nose sheetmetal is rough but I’ve seen and owned rougher.   There are a lot of little parts here, so it could be worse.

spider 10862 side passFeng Shui says paint your front door red.  Is this the front door?  Rear wheel on this side is 14″ from late 60’s hubcap era 105.  Vent windows are a source of contention among Giuliettisti.  I’m in the ‘whenever Alfa/Pininfarina felt like it, all the way back to car #1, including Veloce’s’ bandwagon.

spider 10862 backMan that grass is green!!!  Needs shocks and springs or maybe just some balast to get that back end to come down.  Dig the mirror placement.

spider 10862 trunk offTrunk is solid and that driveway is picturesque.  Note hood leaning on the stone wall.

Auction text is unusually helpful: “Up for bid is a 1960 Giulietta Spider Normale.  This is a very solid rolling chassis with serial number  #AR 1495 10862.  This a long wheel base “interim car” with fixed vent windows and small tail lights.  Unlike the vast majority of Giulietta and Giulia Spiders out there, this car still has its original floors, rocker panels, structural members and trunk floor and they are all very solid.  I am just selling the “rolling” chassis as is shown in the photos.  I do have a Missouri title for this car. It was last on the road in 1976 and has been in dry storage ever since.

The front fender wheel openings were modified slightly to accept wider wheels………possibly for racing, but never finished. There are minor dings and dents throw out the body and some minor rust through in the very front of the nose where the grille would normally go. The car rolls very easily!

This car would be perfect if you have a complete Giulietta or Giulia “rust bucket” as you could use the majority of your mechanical & trim parts to restore this car without having to spend $5,000 to $10,000 restoring the critical floor panels and sub-structure.  Spending  large sums of money on a rusty Spider so that you are left with a decent looking but un-original and unsafe car makes little sense.

This Giulietta Spider would also be a great car to go vintage racing in or for making a super quick street car with a more modern 1600, 1750 or 2000 Alfa engine.

There is no engine and no transmission with the car.  All the interior & exterior trim is missing. It does include the windshield , windshield frame, doors with door glass, hood & trunk lids, the original wiring harness & suspension.”

spider 10862 dashDash is all tore up and one of my least favorite places to be working on a Giulietta since they don’t come out, but the windscreen and associated trim doesn’t look too bad.  Turn signal stock is in ‘turning left’  position.  Horn ring is broken.  Assume steering wheel is cracked.

spider 10862 engine compWires and linkages and plumbing oh my.  Note presence of master cylinder/pedal box/ wiring harness/ etc etc.  Lots to do, lots to buy.  I am wondering if the color seen here is gray and if so if it’s the original color, because if it is, I’ll feel the usual compulsion to say that gray is the best Giulietta color.  I’ll see if I can resist.

Spider 10862 underside 1Floors look awesome from this angle.  Passenger footwell floor maybe?

spider 10862 under backA hint of Koni orange can be seen.  Sill and trailing arm mount are solid.   Rear ends in Giuliettas seem to survive and work okay if left alone by PO’s.

All in all a pretty solid start for your Alfa restoration project or race car.  Lots to buy, lots to find and lots of hours or dollars to spend making it happen, but in the end a nice, valuable car will emerge.  I wonder how many Giulietta Spiders in this condition it would take to saturate the ‘I want a difficult project Giulietta Spider’ market?  Not to many I suspect.  If it was a Porsche 356 Speedster or Cabriolet it would be $50k… deserved or not.

Another 750 project spider.

And another.

And yet another.


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