Spider market review 2008

(I wrote this introduction first but am posting it last…) In order to organize the rampant chaos that my old posts are subject to, I have decided to do 2008 Market Reviews.  The 2009 Spider review aggregation was so much work I dreaded doing 2008, even thought of skipping it but in the end decided I had to do it.  Glad I did considering it ended up being only 9 cars.  You’re welcome.

Market 66 was 10123*375922, a Spider kit in a box that failed to sell for $2175.  I would have painted a ‘1:1 Giulia 1000 piece 3 dimensional puzzle’ sign on the side of this box.

Market 65 was 1495*11804.  A rusty but viable project that failed to sell for $4606.  I’d have taken the money.

Market 53 was 10103*170718, another in kit form that failed to sell for $7500.  Not bad money really -better than the color. 

Market 34 was 10123*373944, a very reasonable project selling for $8700.

Market 45 was 10103 370257, a very good project that sold for $12,205.

Market 55 was 10123*375944, failing to sell for $18,500 during an auction run but available on Hemmings etc for $32,500.

Market 69 was 10123*372402, a pretty nice car that sold for $26,250.

Market 74 was Spider 1495*08607 (probably).  Restored, wearing the wrong hood (if my guess at the vin is accurate) and $56,900 asking.

Market 50 was 1495*02646, the late Al Leake’s Monoposto recreation which was at auction with an estimate of $125,000.

2009 Spider market review.


3 thoughts on “Spider market review 2008

  1. Well Matt,
    Look at Gooding Scotsdale results today and see restored Normale Giulia Spider @ $75,000 + 10% hammer.
    Glad you own tons of Italian steel already.

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