Spider Veloce market review 2008

Before 1966 or so, when an Alfa model was called Veloce it really meant something special.  After that they all seem to be Veloce’s in the US market at least -not that they’re not special, just that it became standard for them to be called Veloce.  Other countries have Juniors, but not normale’s.  Anyway, here are the Spider Veloce’s I reported on in 2008 -all two of them!

Market 33 was 1495*10203, going reserve not met for $14,100.  Car did sell but I didn’t get a final price.  It turned up in Italy and did a brief run on eBay there but I forgot to record what happened.

Market 73 was 1495*04644, an admirable project that made $24,100 during a run on eBay.  If I was going to get a Spider Veloce it would be this color combo and from this era.

2009 Spider Veloce sales can be accessed via this hyperlink…


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