Market 182: project Spider Veloce 06721 in Italy

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*06721, 1315*32582.  This car is listed on Anamera right now out of Torino Italy.  Numbers match, body looks good, hard to find parts are present and no price is stated.  Original color was light blue.  Car is SWB and has vent windows, a combination that stirs a lot of folks up.  I don’t see any evidence that it was reimported from USA but most of these cars ended up in the USA when new so it wouldn’t surprise me if it did too.

This is how you want to find them, dusty, together, on tires holding air and evenly aged.  Hood and door fit are excellent.  Who’s peeking out of the shop?

Rockers and associated trim look good,  Wheels are Borrani’s.  Yes short wheel base (SWB) and yes, vent windows.  Get over it.  Rusty Fiat hulks in the background look on enviously.

I think these are the European tail lights, most I’ve seen have the Lucas ovals.  No evidence of rust in the battery area -it usually bubbles through to the outside.

Very solid floor.  When they painted this car red they did a thorough job.  Dash edging looks good.

The good stuff.  Nice you don’t have to track these down.  Water pipe is in one of the ‘misc parts’ pictures as is the plenum top and air box.

The numbers.  When I first saw this I was sure I had seen this car before because of the chunk missing from the build plate but then…

I found this picture.  I guess I was right that something in the engine compartment on 40DCO3 equiped cars can get loose or out of adjustment and rub the build plate.

The engine number.  What – no engine mount?  Hmmm.

Oh boy, if this was at a swap meet I’d charge that plenum top, air box and headers like a bull.  Oil pick up is next to the crank and the sort used with the sheet metal Veloce oil pan.

I am happy to see the well of Spider Veloce projects has not run dry -three of my last six market reports have been 1300 Spider Veloce’s.  I bet this car is 25000 Euro’s or more and will find a happy new home quickly and be ready for the 100 year party in June (well maybe running and driving but not restored). 

2008 Spider Veloce market review.

2009 Spider Veloce market review.


4 thoughts on “Market 182: project Spider Veloce 06721 in Italy

  1. Matt,

    This car looks very much like my old 750 veloce short wheel base with vent windows. I am going to check my old vehicle information to confirm if it was my old veloce. But it sure looks like my old 750 short wheel base with vent windows!!! specially, after seeing the big talbot and the vehicle inspection sticker on the windshield lower driver side. It is amazing how many proclaimed expert argued with me that my car was not a vent window car.!!!

    • It would be funny if it was your old car. Let me know if you turn up any original pictures of it -would be neat to post them.


  2. Matt,

    Guess what! After review of some documentation and old photos I have determined that it is my old Veloce. It still the same way I sold it 20 years ago. This car was originally sold in Germany, and I do still have the original factory plate script in German that was furnished with the car. I am going to try to reunite with the current owner. I sold this car in 1990 or there about to a broker in Texas during the height of the market back then. I had many Alfas and sold them all just before I graduated college, most of them ended up in Europe. Now I am back to where I started, with more car than I know what to do with them. I am sure I’ll be unloading them when the time is right.

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