Sprint market review 2008

Sprints did pretty well in 2008 with some project cars going for serious money.  Early (pre-06611) prices versus the rest send a clear message as to where the market will go and where you should put your money.  The best thing about owning a Sprint though, whatever series, is you get to drive it. 

Market 40 was 1493*22515, utterly stripped and selling for $310.  Such a deal.

Market 28 was 10112*356469, a challenging project bid up to $3300, reserve not met.

Market 58 was 1493*03146, a challenging column shift project that went unsold for  $3650.  A deal did close for near the auctions end price.  I came close to buying this.

 Market 46 was 1493*21372 which came with a 101 1600 Veloce engine and failed to sell at $5101.

Market 11 was 10102*385744, a late 1300 project selling for $5300.

Market 38 was 1493*20107, a project with a back seat failing to sell for $5600.

Market 43 was 1493*08569, a decent project in San Francisco bay area for $6000 asking.

Markey 49 was 1493*20205, bid to $5950 and then listed for $11,900.  A project among projects.

Market 22 was 1493*08549, out of Mexico City and selling for $12,099.

Market 21 was 10105 1493*20747 a runner driver project that sold for $12,100.  Good deal.

Market 63 was 10102*158890, a good project car that sold to Italy for $12,100 and was popped in the nose in transit resulting in a tour of Italian eBay.

Market 10 was 1493*20428, a marginally restored runner selling for $12,301.

Market 68 was 1493*04953, a car I liked a lot out of Mexico that failed to sell for $13,300.

Market 8 was 1493*08260, a rust free project selling for $15,100.

Market 23 was 1493*03822, a early project for 11,000 Euro’s or about $15,800.

Market 48 was 1493*04891, an abnormale-ized early car selling for $23,102 after numerous trips through eBay and other classic car portals.

Market 30 was 1493*04327, a rough around the edges project in Europe for 16,999 Euro’s or about $24,000.

Market 16 was 10102*23260, a nice car with Veloce components selling for $24,500.

Market 53 was 10112*357309, a nice late Sprint you could have bought for about $25,000. 

Market 9 was 1493*06329, a very good project car selling for an impressive $26,600.

Market 14 was 10105*20825, an extremely clean, well set up car selling for $33,100.

Sprints 2009 Market review.


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