Sprint Veloce market review 2008

The Sprint Veloce is one of those cars that has a pretty big value range as is evidenced below.  It’s not really fair to lump them all together  -for what really does an early bred-to-race lightweight have in common with a late upholstered-for-comfort 101 car besides the basic shape and name-  but if I separated them I would have to write at least 3 market reviews and I don’t want to do that so here they are unfairly lumped for comparison.  I am wondering if SV 06476 is currently being restored…

Market 42 was 1493*08315, a seamonster of a Sprint Veloce failing to sell for $7000.  I would have gone for it if it was in my ‘hood.

Market 6 was 1493*06476, a complete but challenging project selling for $9500.

Market 35 was 1493*06481, a Confortevole project selling for $19,340.

Market 72 was 1493*06930, an interim car that had seen nothing but hard times for $28,000.

Market 17 was 3 cars, one of which was 10124*23899 which sold for $51,500.

Market 17 was 3 cars, one of which was 10106*159111, selling for $57,500.

Market 13 was 1493*08721, well presented and expensive at $61,000.

Market 60 was 1493*04347, 68,000 Euro’s or about $80,000 at the time of writing was the asking and George J snapped it up.  I saw it on the lift at the muffler shop when I was getting my humble Sprint’s pipes sorted.  Actually changed hands in 2009.

Market 59 was 1493*04067,  a Sprint Veloce in good shape with interesting ownership history that sold for about (I’m guessing based on a rumor) $185,000 at Fantasy Junction. 


2 thoughts on “Sprint Veloce market review 2008

    • Depends on condition, completeness and location to a lesser extent. Find a car on the list that is similar and that’s probably about where your car would be valued.


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