Sprint Speciale market reviews 2008

You know I like the SS’s so I’ll start my long overdue 2008 Market Review’s with them.  Below are the SS’s I wrote about in 2008 in order of cheapest to most expensive.  I didn’t keep as good of records when I first started this project so I ended up editing the posts along the way which made this project take a lot longer than it should have.  Enjoy.

Market 36 was this unidentified incomplete rusty hulk for 1000 Euro’s.  At least it rolls.


Market 27 was this unidentified Giulia SS in pretty bad shape for 10,000 Euro’s.

Market 2 was 10120*00237 a complete project rumored to have sold for $28,000.  This car is currently being actively restored.

Market 41 was 10120*00207, a reasonable deal from Fantasy Junction priced at $48,500 and quickly sold.

Market 70 was 10121*380473 which sold through Fantasy Junction for $45,000 or there abouts.  This car is frequently spotted in my area.

Market 54 was 10120*00687, auctioned by Luzzago in Italy.  They didn’t announce the final price but I am guessing about $50,000.

Market 56 was 10121*380784, a nice SS for 44,321 Euro’s or $57,387 at the time of writing.  You remember that month when the dollar was strong right?

Market 7 was 10121*380352, converted for racing and priced at $60,000.

Market 31 was 10120*00388, a very nicely restored car for $69,900, a high, but warranted price.

Market 47 was an unknown SS out of Austria.  Clean and beautifully photographed.  I guessed 50K Euro’s back then.

Market 62 was 10121*380024, out of Italy for 59,000 Euro’s.  A clean car with wire wheels and a busy blue interior.

Market 3 was 10120*177061, a car with vent windows out of Europe for $70,000.

Market 5 was 750SS 10120*00014, a project lownose for $75,000.  One of my favorites -love the patina!

Market 61 was 10120*00001 for $275,000.  Number one is first right?  Well, er… not necessarily.


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