Market #94: RHD ’63 Giulietta TI project in Scotland

Update 1/13/10: This car is now on UK eBay.  Opening bid is 700 pounds, about $1150.  Some better pictures too!  Would make an interesting run as it is.  I know you can’t do it in most European countries, but you can here in the US.

Something blue beside it -maybe the Spider he mentions in his description.  Greasy engine in front of it.

Wow, that’s some odd rust.  I guess it’s not unlike how Giulia Supers rust.

Originally posted 3/10/09:  1963 Giulietta TI 101.09 RHD.  This car has been listed for sale (750 British Pounds) for a while on the  Giulietta Register website and I didn’t pay it any mind until a friend sent along an email with the below pictures.  Car has been stored in a leaky shed in Scotland and is considered ‘not too bad’ as far as rust goes for that cold, damp and salty part of the world.  Would be a great unrestored pairing with this car.

I am terrified of the rust seen below, but I’m soon to undertake some serious rust repair work of my own and who knows, if I find it as satisfying as my current engine rebuild toils, maybe my terror will turn into a sort of sick fascination and longing for the ‘ultimate rust transformation’.  

03110006The hood ornament is funny.  I like the fog lights and the color is tolerable.  Trim appears straight and complete.  Shame about the rust. 

03110002A better view of the front.  That hood ornament is a lot farther back on the hood than it looked in the first picture.  Headlights some sort of Lucas or Wipac period items with bulbs.  Side markers are typical of this period.  Wheel looks like a 105 item.

03110003Rear end looks good.  Tail lights, bumper and all look servicable.  Note it’s shed mates, a GTV and a TI or Super.  Hopefully the leaky shed has been kinder to them.  Fuel filler door looks really low.

Advertisement text verbatim:  “RHD car complete with some spares but requires full restoration. Reg no. 157 EYF but I only have a green logbook. Car is yellow ochre with red trim, has not been plundered or vandalised but has been stored in a rickety old leaky shed and consequently some of the outer panels are in a terrible state particularly n/s rear, however the car sits upright, is ok underneath and a skilled panelbeater should be able to make the necessary repairs. Whether or not it is economical is another question. It is complete apart from the carburettor for some reason, but all else appears to be intact. I will arrange for photos if required, but please ring in the first instance. Price £750 firm for car and a few spares eg. dashboard, steering wheel/column etc. Car is located in Fife, Scotland.”

031100051This is like a carnival ride in here with the orange paint,  red upholstery and blue (or is that green?) door panel section.  I believe Ruddspeed did the RHD conversions to a lot of the RHD Giuliettas in existance but Fusi lists an RHD variant for 1963 so this probably an official version.  I imagine there was a cottage industry in Britain at this point as so many of the good cars were left hand drive.

03110004This is the left side.  It has a serious oxidation rash that is deep and cancerous.  The seller says its all outside, but I haven’t seen an under shot so I can’t vouch for that.

It’s kind of a mixed blessing that these never officially came to the US in any great number.  If they had, they would probably be right alongside the ubiquitous Volvo 122’s I see (less frequently these days) with peace stickers and surf racks, but then again if they had, I could probably easily get one, but then again, if they had, would I want one? 

I bet some brave Alfa lover living in that RHD part of the world will have a go at this, after all, there can’t be many there either.  If it was on SF Bay Area Craigslist for $1000 I’d be fighting tooth and nail for the first shot at it, rust or no…


7 thoughts on “Market #94: RHD ’63 Giulietta TI project in Scotland

  1. If you could fix this, I think you’d qualify for honorary British citizenship or an OBE for your rust-repair skills. Wasn’t this on the market before, several months ago?

    • Has been available for a while. Seller says the floors and frame are solid and that the rust is limited to the body panels. If true it is repairable.


  2. 1964 giulietta TI from the Mojave desert, some slight body issues but not much rust at all. Blown head. Saved from the crusher, last registered in ’69 in Vegas 64K miles. Good-looking car, nearly complete. Needs a loving home. Robert

  3. I enjoy your column every night,with a few exceptions. It is nice to see some one earning their Alfa as apposed to having it done for them. At 79 years of age mine is to sit back and watch others enjoying their craft.

    • Glad to hear your staying with the column and I would be doing something wrong if everyone liked everything.

      Do you have any more pictures of your old Alfa’s?


  4. Hello folks
    This yellow saloon belongs to me, I bought it from the previous owner in 2005, he was the one who put it into a shed in 1974 and it deteriorated sharply when the roof fell to pieces. It has not been sold yet and is currently in a dry shed, as shown in these photos. I’m not sure whether to offer it again later or just break it for spares as saloons do not recieve much attention in UK, and none at-all in Scotland. If anyone wants any parts or fancies the project just let me know

    I am busy restoring my 1965 Giulia 101 spider just now in an attempt to make it to the Milan centenery celebrations so all thoughts of selling the saloon are gone for now. I have also just parted with my 1963 101 sprint in order to raise funds to finish the spider so it’s full steam ahead now.


    Bruce (Montrose, Scotland)

    • Bruce,

      Thanks for dropping in! I’m sure with some time the TI will find a home. When you get a chance can you send me the vin number? It makes it easy to index pictures/markets etc on my blog if I can link them all to the vin.

      I wish I could say I had plans to be at in Milan this summer…


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